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Work at heights safely and lose the ladder

The Health and Safety Executive reports that there were 30.7 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury last year. The construction industry is one of the top industry sectors for ill health and injury. It is important that working conditions are a priority to minimise risk of injury or illness. Correct Health and Safety training is one area that employers must tick all the boxes making sure operatives have the correct training to use equipment or complete a task. Having the best equipment for the job is also key. Mr Plant Hire London have a range of equipment for hire, designed to make the job easier without compromising employee health and safety.

Pecolift for hire vs Ladder

Once working at height ladders were always the way to go. However there are many injuries that can result from using a ladder. Overstretching can cause back or muscular injuries. The ladder could slip if not secured properly on the ground. Substances on the ladder such as paint or other liquid can impact the grip.

The Pecolift for hire is much safer than a ladder as the operator has a secure flat surface to stand on. Both hands can be free and poor repetitive postures are limited as there is no need to overreach. Ladders can be heavy and difficult to carry from location to location. The Pecolift platform can be pushed into place easily due to its lightweight structure.

Admittedly ladders are quite low maintenance, but the Pecolift for hire requires minimal maintaining. There are no batteries,, no hydraulic oil or fuel sources or power requirements. There are no limits on how long it can be used, and despite being easy to move, the Pecolift is built to last.

Operatives simply step onto the platform and turn the handle to elevate the Pecolift. The clever mechanism moves the user to the desired working height within seconds. The Pecolift for hire is fitted with an Auto-Locking brake system to give operators extra security whist in use.

Mr Plant Hire London are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of towers for working at height. The 3.5m Pecolift has a safe working load of 150kg, the similar Ecolift can reach 4.5m.

Environmental Impact

More emphasis is being put on companies to be environmentally friendly. The Pecolift for hire is completely power free. No emissions, no chemicals, no noise. This environmental benefit also means that the Pecolift is easy to clean and there are no elements to leak or contaminate areas it might be used.

For help with any working at height, from equipment to training, get in touch with Mr Plant Hire London today.

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