Heating and Lighting Solutions for the Winter Site

MPH tower light montageAs summer draws to a close and autumn sets in, construction sites and outdoor projects face new challenges. With shorter days and cooler temperatures, it becomes essential to invest in site lighting and heating solutions that not only enhance productivity but also ensure the safety and well-being of workers. At MPH (Mr Plant Hire), North London's premier tool and plant hire company, we understand the unique demands of the season, and we're here to provide you with the right equipment to tackle autumn and winter projects with confidence.


Lighting Tower Hire

One of the standout offerings in our inventory is the GENERAC V20 lighting tower, a mobile lighting solution designed to be effective, flexible and efficient. Whether it's road construction, building projects or stadium lighting, this powerful tool is your go-to option for temporary outdoor space illumination. Here's why it's a game-changer for outdoor construction projects:

- High-Intensity LED Lights: The V20 light tower is equipped with four 320W high-efficiency LED lamp floodlights, providing an impressive illumination range. This makes it ideal for construction sites where adequate lighting is crucial for safety and productivity.
- Extended Runtime: With more than 140 hours of running time on a single tank of fuel, the V20 ensures that your project remains well-lit throughout the night without frequent refuelling, saving you time and resources.
- Low Noise: Construction sites often have strict noise regulations, especially after dark. The V20 boasts one of the lowest sound pressure levels in the industry, at only 58 dB(A) at 7 metres. This means you can light up your site without causing disruptions to nearby residents or businesses.


Lighting Towers for Sports Stadiums

While our lighting towers are indispensable for construction, they find applications beyond building sites. Sports stadiums, especially those hosting evening or night events, rely on powerful lighting solutions to provide optimal visibility for players and spectators. MPH's GENERAC V20 light tower can be used to illuminate sports fields, ensuring that every moment of the game is well-lit and captivating. From football to cricket, the V20 is a versatile tool for sports venue operators who want to ensure a seamless viewing experience, regardless of the time of day.


Additional Site Lighting Solutions

At MPH, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor sites. Our site lighting hire options include:

- Smithlight Industrial LED Lights, for portable and rechargeable site lighting - perfect for illuminating hard-to-reach spots on the job site. 
- Defender Fluorescent Contractor Lights, dependable work lights with power take-off capabilities.
- Birchwood 2 Ft Fluorescent Uplights, providing efficient illumination for smaller indoor spaces. 
- Elite Festoon Lighting, great for delimiting hazards onsite. 


Site Heaters for Indoor Construction Projects

As the temperatures drop, indoor construction projects require effective heating solutions. Indoor site heating is essential for keeping workers comfortable and productive, as well as for speeding-up drying times of all manner of construction and decorating materials. MPH offers a range of indoor site heaters, including:

- Infrared Heaters: These heaters provide instant, efficient and silent heat, making them perfect for indoor construction projects. They are energy-efficient and don't require extensive setup.
- Easi-Heat Blow Heaters: Easy to manoeuvre and quick to heat up, propane blow heaters are a popular choice for quickly heating spaces. They offer a high level of control over temperature, ensuring a comfortable working environment. 
- Electric Heaters: Versatile and easy to use, electric site heaters are an excellent choice for indoor projects with access to electrical outlets. They are available in various sizes to suit different room sizes and requirements.


Cube dehumidifier product photoDehumidifiers for Optimal Conditions

In addition to site lighting and heating solutions, MPH also offers dehumidifiers, including highly efficient Cube Dehumidifiers, capable of extracting up to 43 litres a day from the atmosphere of a room. These devices are essential for maintaining the integrity of construction materials and ensuring the health and comfort of workers. Excessive moisture can lead to mould growth, damage to materials and discomfort for workers. Cube Dehumidifiers help mitigate these issues by removing excess moisture from the air, creating an environment conducive to efficient work and preserving the quality of construction materials.


Choose MPH for Site Lighting and Heating Solutions

As autumn arrives and winter looms, MPH (Mr Plant Hire) is your trusted partner for heating, lighting and dehumidifying solutions in and around North London. Whether you're embarking on an outdoor construction project, working indoors or managing a sports stadium, our top-quality equipment is designed to meet your needs. Stay safe, warm and well-lit throughout the season with our reliable tools and exceptional service. Contact us today on 0208 351 3434 to learn more about our offerings and how we can support your projects in the coming months.