MPH Celebrates a Double Victory at the Hire Awards of Excellence

The team at MPH is celebrating this morning following last night’s victories at the prestigious Hire Awards of Excellence. Last night’s ceremony, held at London’s Grosvenor House and hosted by comedian Lucy Porter, marked the most important annual gathering of key players in the UK's plant, tool, equipment and event hire industries. At MPH we are honoured to have been recognised with two awards, after being selected as finalists in three categories, showcasing our dedication to excellence within the hire industry.


PAV Lifts and Low-Level Access Platforms for Specialised Industries

When it comes to working at heights, Push Around Vertical Lifts (PAVs) are revolutionising the way tasks are performed, replacing traditional methods such as ladders and scaffolding. The advantages of using these machines for low-level access goes beyond mere convenience, as they offer a range of benefits prioritising safety, versatility and efficiency in specialised sectors. At MPH we offer a comprehensive range of PAV lifts suitable for projects throughout a diversity of industries. In this article we’ll examine their benefits and specific industry uses.


Spring DIY Projects That Add Space to Your Home

Spring is on the way along with its longer days and (hopefully) warmer weather. The Easter break and springtime in general is a popular time to embark on DIY projects. More adventurous DIYers may take this opportunity to go beyond more routine tasks such as painting or gardening and branch out into something more challenging. In this article we’ll cover loft conversions, roof repairs, landscaping and building extensions. We’ll also be covering the tools and machines you may need for these projects, all of which are available for hire at MPH.


MPH Nominated for Three Hire Awards!

We've got some fantastic news to share with our customers: MPH has been nominated for not one, not two, but three awards at the upcoming Hire Awards of Excellence! This is a big deal for us and shows how dedicated we are to doing great work and trying new things in the hire industry. We're proud to be nominated in these categories:


Key Considerations of Excavator and Dumper Hire

Embarking on a construction or landscaping project, no matter how small, requires a certain amount of planning. If your project involves digging, rubble removal or earth moving, you may need to consider whether excavator and dumper hire is the right fit for your project. Let's delve into the key considerations to help you make an informed choice.


Find your PASMA and IPAF training in London

MPH Training are leading providers of plant and access equipment training in London. We offer key courses in Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) operation, as well as courses in low level access safety and mobile access platform operation. We provide training from our conveniently located centres in North London at Morson Road, Enfield and Stacey Avenue in Edmonton, or at your own facilities. Read on to find out more about our IPAF and PASMA certifications, as well as the other courses we offer.


Go-to Machines for Professional Christmas Decoration

The holiday season brings an air of joy and festivity, and preparing commercial spaces to reflect this spirit requires meticulous planning and the right equipment. Indoor and outdoor spaces pose their own unique challenges when it comes to setting wintery scenes, and specialised machinery plays a pivotal role in creating magical environments.


How Attachment Hire Helps You Get More Value from Construction Plant

When it comes to construction plant hire, having the right equipment can make a world of difference in terms of productivity and efficiency. In North London, MPH (Mr Plant Hire) is the go-to solution for all your construction equipment needs, offering a wide range of machines to suit various projects. From excavators to telehandlers and boom lifts, these large and powerful machines are designed to excel in industrial settings. However, to truly maximise their potential, it's essential to understand the types of heavy machines available and how attachment hire can enhance their functionality.


Heating and Lighting Solutions for the Winter Site

As summer draws to a close and autumn sets in, construction sites and outdoor projects face new challenges. With shorter days and cooler temperatures, it becomes essential to invest in site lighting and heating solutions that not only enhance productivity but also ensure the safety and well-being of workers. At MPH (Mr Plant Hire), North London's premier tool and plant hire company, we understand the unique demands of the season, and we're here to provide you with the right equipment to tackle autumn and winter projects with confidence.


What Type of Boom Lift is Best for Your Project?

Boom lifts have revolutionised the way industries tackle tasks at various heights. These versatile machines have become indispensable tools in a multitude of projects, ranging from construction to maintenance, offering enhanced safety, efficiency and accessibility. Based in North London, Mr Plant Hire (MPH) provides specialised boom lift hire for a diversity of industries.


Battling Construction Site Theft with Improved Construction Site Security

Construction sites are not just bustling hubs of activity; they are also prime targets for theft. Unfortunately, since 2020, construction plant theft has been on the rise, causing significant financial losses for companies in the industry. As a result, it has become increasingly important for construction firms to prioritise site security and take proactive measures to protect their valuable equipment and tools.


Mitigating Lifting Hazards in the Workplace with Material Lifting and Handling Equipment

In the construction and industrial sectors, material lifting and handling play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operations. However, manual handling of heavy loads can pose significant health risks to workers, including musculoskeletal disorders, strains and injuries. To mitigate these hazards and improve worker efficiency, Mr Plant Hire (MPH) in Enfield, North London, offers a range of specialised lifting and handling equipment designed to make material handling safer and more efficient.


Powering an all-electric site:The debate surrounding large scale electric plant rollout

To say that ecological concerns are high up on the agenda of most plant, access and construction companies nowadays is not news. Plant hire companies in the UK are currently upgrading their inventory from diesel-powered machines to electric and hybrid machines in order to comply with environmental legislation and consumer expectations. The UK has committed to becoming Net Zero by 2030, and the construction industry has an important role to play in achieving this goal.


MPH is Exhibiting at Vertikal Days 2023

Mr Plant Hire is excited to announce that we will be attending the Vertikal Days trade show in Peterborough on the 10th and 11th of May 2023. This event is a specialist exhibition for access platforms, cranes, telehandlers and associated lifting equipment, attracting sector representatives from around the country. The show will provide a great opportunity to catch up with clients and other industry professionals, and for MPH to present the latest additions to our fleet. At Vertikal Days 2023 access exhibition we will be showcasing our latest equipment, with a focus on our expanding electric and hybrid boom lift and scissor lift range.


Springtime gardening made easy

After what feels like an eternal winter, spent economising on heating and finding discreet and ingenious ways to strap on another hot water bottle, the prospect of a little sunshine is more appealing than ever. Springtime is here, and with it comes the urge to get back out into the garden, enjoy a few rays of elusive sunshine and start working on those long overdue landscaping projects.


How to Repave Your Driveway: a Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to give your driveway a facelift or make it more functional, repaving is a great way to do it. Repaving a driveway may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it’s an achievable project. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the instructions on how to repave a driveway, including the use of hydraulic breakers, excavators, skip loading dumpers and compactors.


The Benefits of Rough-Terrain Electric Boom Lift and Electric Scissor Lift Hire

The construction industry is a surprisingly fast-paced industry: susceptible to a great number of market factors and technological advancements. Recent times have brought about a dizzying amount of changes and innovations, with one of the most influential factors being the British Government’s move towards Net Zero by 2050. Britain’s “Net Zero by 2050” is part of a greater global campaign aimed at mitigating the effects of carbon emissions generated by human activity. The intention is to curb the effects of this activity on global warming.


MPH Provides MEWP Training Courses from Our Brand New Training Centre

With a longstanding reputation as one of London’s leading MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) training centres, Mr Plant Hire MPH is proud to announce the reopening of its training centre with the inauguration of brand new training facilities in Enfield, just north of London. As of January 2023, the MPH Training Centre will be offering a range of MEWP training courses, providing industry-leading training in all the main access platform operator certifications.


Christmas Excavator Hire for Holiday DIY is in Record Demand!

The housing crisis and the DIY market:As 2022 draws to a close, we can cast our gaze back to a year of tumultuous change: from the booming post-pandemic economy, to the impact of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the innumerable political and economic adjustments that have taken place. This year has had a deep impact on people and industry, with housing and construction making headlines on a near-daily basis.


Tips on Equipping your Winter Construction Site

The summer is well and truly behind us and, as we settle into the cosier part of the year with its short days and descending temperatures, companies all over the country adapt their job sites to the particularities of the British winter time. At MPH we are well aware of the hazards and implications of working in the colder months. With so many points to consider, we have put together a short guide to the main hazards of winter construction work as well as our tips for equipping your site for the winter season.


Navigator 6.0, Revolutionary 6m Scissor Lift Added to the Fleet

MPH (Mr Plant Hire) are proud to be the first company in the country to offer hire of the revolutionary Navigator 6.0 carbon zero, push-around vertical lift, launched in February of this year by Metal and Modular at the annual Hire Executive show in Coventry. Metal and Modular are manufacturers of innovative metalworking and production solutions for a diversity of storage and transportation needs. The Navigator 6.0 offers a solution to a variety of issues encountered by users of push-around vertical lifts for low working heights.


A Spotlight on Safety: Winter Tool and Equipment Hire

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it's important to make sure you have the right winter equipment for working in construction. With the clocks changing this October, you'll want to be prepared for the colder weather. By hiring heating and lighting equipment, you can ensure that your construction site is safe and comfortable. In addition to keeping warm, hiring winter equipment can also help to improve productivity.By investing in quality heating and lighting equipment for the winter, you can make your construction site safer and more productive.


Excavator Hire | Everything You Need to Know

The benefits of choosing to hire an excavator over buying this expensive piece of machinery are endless. Rather than using up your entire budget on purchasing a large, costly piece of equipment, why not consider excavator hire? Here, we share everything you need to know about excavator machine hire, from the various types available to excavator hire rates. At MPH, we specialise in providing only the best plant hire solutions. Within our fleet, we’re pleased to include a range of exceptional, modern excavators for hire, perfect for your next project.


Mr Plant Hire Features in August Issue of Plant Planet 

We're thrilled that our Managing Director, Steve King was featured in a recent magazine article

discussing his new role and what we have planned. It's great to see our company getting recognition, and we're excited to share our plans with the world.  


Summer Action Plan For Staying Safe On Site

Hot weather conditions can be dangerous for construction site workers. 

Before beginning work during the warmer months, it’s important to consider how the weather can impact construction site health and safety.

Summer may seem like the ideal time for construction work to proceed. There’s less chance of rain, snow and ice. However, there are procedures that need to be in place to protect construction workers from the heat.


Powered access hire: choosing the right equipment for your project

The term “powered access hire” is used frequently in a number of industries: construction, glazing, decorating, electrical installations and many more, but to an outsider, it may not ‌be obvious what makes up “powered access equipment”, the different types of machines and their uses.

In order to make this subject a little easier to navigate for first time users, MR Plant Hire have put together a brief guide to help you choose the right powered access equipment for your project.


How to Plan a Landscaping Project

 Landscaping is a really broad subject that relates to the entire terrain of an area of land. Contrary to popular belief, garden landscaping is not exclusive to larger areas and the concept can be successfully applied to a smaller space as well.

Landscape gardening typically involves making changes to an outdoor space, such as creating flower beds or building walls, decks or terraces. The main aim is to create a functional and appealing garden or outside space. 


Make Your Gardening Less of a Grind

8 gardening tasks where it pays to hire in specialist landscaping and gardening equipment to help.

Spring is here and, if you are a gardener, you will no doubt be preparing to get busy in the garden and many of tasks can be made so much easier if you hire in specialist equipment to help. So, if you are facing any of the following, often daunting tasks, Mr Plant Hire are here to help:


MEET JAK HOWARD: of Mr Plant Hire’s Construction equipment Hire Division

We caught up with Jak to find out a bit more about what his role at Mr Plant Hire entails and why he enjoys working at Mr Plant Hire.


Top 10 tasks which cutting equipment makes easy

If you are based in the London area an looking to carry out any of the following tasks, then it’s worth considering taking out cutting equipment hire from Mr Plant Hire to make the process as safe and efficient as possible.


12 Reasons to hire the Genie Super Lift from Mr Plant Hire

Genie Super Lifts offer an efficient lifting equipment hire option for a host of reasons. They are:


How to choose the right pipe welding equipment?

Leading Enfield-based plant hire specialists Mr Plant Hire who offer a comprehensive range of welding equipment for hire across the London area have put together this quick guide to thermoplastic welding.


6 reasons to hire a scissor lift

Scissor lifts are used instead of ladders or scaffold towers, to offer an efficient and safe solution to working at heights.

Enfield-based leading plant hire specialists, Mr Plant Hire who offer scissor lift for hire from London have outlined here the many reasons for making this option your number one choice for working at heights. They:


Scaffold Tower Hire – How To Stay Safe

Many people are injured each year when they fall from towers or if the towers overturn. Leading London scaffold tower hire suppliers, Mr Plant Hire outline here how to stay safe when using scaffold towers. Mr Plant Hire also provide London based PASMA training for the safe erection and use of tower scaffolds.


Why hire a mini excavator from Mr Plant Hire?

A mini excavator (or mini digger) is a vehicle which offers options for digging or demolition depending on the attachment used. As the name suggests they are smaller than their standard counterparts but it is important to remember that, if you are considering mini digger hire, operators still need training in how to use the controls and manoeuvre the vehicle and attachments before they can use them.


“15 reasons why Pecolift is the perfect low level access hire solution”?

Pecolifts are available for hire from Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire, whose team of Powered Access experts have put together a guide for those considering their low level access hire options.

The Mr Plant Hire recommend Pecolift as perfect for most low level access requirements. It scores highly against four key criteria: ease of use, safety assurances, efficiency and environmental credentials.


10 reasons to hire the new Ecolift from Mr Plant Hire

What is the new Ecolift?

Ecolift is the newest alternative to conventional powered access rental and it’s now available to rent from London-based Mr Plant Hire.


How to choose the right heater hire

Working on construction sites in the cold creates its own problems for both keeping construction areas dry and for worker comfort. But the solution is just one phone call away for competitive heater hire.

Leading plant and construction equipment hire specialist for the London area, Mr Plant Hire, offers a wide choice of heater hire, depending on your specific need and site requirements from infrared, ceramic, electric box heaters – to cabinet heaters and blower gas heaters.


Dos And Don’t’s For Gantry Lifting Equipment Hire

As part of their comprehensive lifting equipment hire, Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire offers the Sumner G2HT Gantry Lift to meet all your material lifting needs.

The GH2T Gantry Lift has a load capacity of 2 metric tons (2,000kg) or 4,400 lbs.

When hiring a G2HT Gantry Lift it is vital to follow proper procedures so Mr Plant Hire has put together a handy list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’:


8 reasons to hire the new Romax 3000 press machine from Mr Plant Hire

Newly available from Mr Plant Hire is the Romax 3000 electro-hydraulic press machine for system dependant pressing of fittings up to 54mm with 32-34kN. The Romax 3000 has a wealth of benefits for those looking for power press hire:


Monkey Towers – the environmentally friendly alternative to powered access hire

What are Monkey Towers?

Monkey Towers are manually operated scaffolding systems which provide an alternative to powered access machines.

Unlike a scaffold tower the entire erection procedure is carried out at ground-level and with single piece construction there are no parts to lose.


A day in the Life of Mick Burton: Mr Plant Hire’s Operations Director and Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Q: What does your job entail?
A: In a nutshell my job involves three main areas.

1. The first is ensuring staff operations are running smoothly. This means that my first job of the day is to check all divisions are fully resourced and ready – Mechanical and Electrical (M&E), the Powered Access Hire division, Construction Equipment Hire and our Training Division, which offers IPAF and PASMA training for the London area.


Part 2 – 4 key safety checks. How to select the safest construction vehicle for the job

Leading Enfield-based construction equipment hire company Mr Plant Hire summarises (in a two part article) the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, outlining the key questions users should be asking themselves before deciding on the right plant to hire.


Part 1 – The need for checks. How to select the safest construction vehicle for the job

Leading Enfield-based construction equipment hire company Mr Plant Hire summarises here the guidance from the Health and Safety Executive , outlining the key questions users should be asking themselves before deciding on the right plant to hire.


IPAF E-Learning is coming!!!

IPAF has launched its new, enhanced eLearning module as part of its full training programme in the US and Canada for operators of aerial work platforms (AWPs), also known as mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). The launch follows two years of trials and further development and testing. IPAF has now unveiled a high quality eLearning module that delivers flexibility and interactive tools, with the same emphasis on practical training.


Why it could pay you to consider dehumidifier hire

Dehumidifiers are designed to remove water and moisture from either commercial or domestic properties and are most commonly used to repair water damage, keep mould at bay, or in some cases, to dry out properties as part of more extensive flood restoration.


Construction site drivers’ safe work practices checklist

To keep , Enfield-based London plant hire supplier, Mr Plant Hire has put together the following useful checklist of safe work practices for drivers of construction site vehicles, based on HSE advice.


A Safety Guide for dumper hire users

Many major incidents involving site dumpers are reported each year, with a significant number leading to serious injury and even death. This is why it’s vital that those considering dumper hire are aware of the risks involved and take every possible precaution to ensure that equipment is used safely.


How age and employment status is impacting on health and safety

A recent article (27 July 2015) in an on-line construction resource for Australia highlights some current structural trends that are creating new risks for health and safety in the construction industry worldwide.


Intelligent Machine Control – the future for excavators?

What is IMC?

Intelligent Machine Control is distinct from machine guidance systems because IMC actually controls some of the machine movement. For excavators, this means being able to prevent over digging and allowing easy creation of batters and slope works.


Hire or Buy? Nine reasons why it can be best to hire – not buy – plant

In case you are tempted to purchase plant, it is well worth reminding yourself of the reasons why it so often pays to hire it instead. Mr Plant Hire, leading supplier of construction equipment hire to the building, maintenance, mechanical and electrical industries around across London and the Home Counties, has put together this list of 9 good reasons to hire plant.


A day in the Life of Mr Plant Hire, Telesales Executive: Richard Cassese

Plant Hire essentials:

In a nutshell my job involves two main areas…


Fragile roofs found to be common cause of falls

With that in mind, a new short film was released online at the end of last year on the dangers of fragile roofs, made by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) with the assistance of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the co-operation of Working Well Together (WWT).


CONSTRUCTION 2025 – A vision of the future for the UK construction industry

At the CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) Conference in October 2014, Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Advisor to HM Government, provided delegates with an update on Construction 2025, the government’s vision for improvement within the built environment, which was initially announced in September 2012.


Royal Institute predicts shortage of surveyors will restrict construction growth

Key findings relevant to the construction equipment hire industry

  • More than four fifths (85%) of the 75,000 plus surveyors questioned said that a lack of qualified candidates meant they had problems recruiting.
  • Around two in five (43%) surveying firms currently turn down new business opportunities due to a dearth of skilled workers – each of them passing up an average of five contracts per year.
  • The problem looks set to peak in the next five years, with a further 11% of the industry saying anticipating turning down work by 2019. By that time, 54% of the surveying sector’s 10,000 businesses*** will be turning down some 27,000 projects between them each year.


UK’s Plant-Related Health & Safety Record Still Needs To Improve

White was keen to point out how far construction has come in the 40 years since the Health & Safety At Work Act came into force – with the UK now being a world leader in health and safety.

“We have to work together, but construction has come a very long way in the last 15 years. However, while there have been huge steps forward in terms of safety, eight of the 23 fatalities on UK construction sites recorded in the first 9 months of 2014 were plant related, so there is always room for improvement.


A Simple 3 Step guide to using Pecolift

Pecolift makes low level access so easy. Gone are the days of climbing steps or podiums. No more slips, trips or having to balance.


5 reasons to say goodbye to step ladders

For those looking for powered access to work at heights of up to 3.5metres, Pecolift, is the number one choice and a revolutionary improvement on step-ladders, platform steps and podiums.


Health and safety training for staff working at height – are all your operatives fully trained?

Mr Plant Hire can help your business become safer and more efficient with working at height.

To make it easy for you, Mr Plant Hire plc offers a complete one stop service for:


2014 IPAF training for programme announced for London and the Home Counties in 2014

If you are looking to train operatives in London or the Home Counties, Mr Plant Hire Plc is pleased to offer a wide range of IPAF courses for 2014:


Mr Plant Hire offers on-site Abrasive Wheel training for 2014

This course can either cover the use of these machines in general or your candidates can bring their own machines and we will train them in the safe use of these. Course includes; Methods of storing, handling and transporting of abrasive wheels, Mounting of abrasive wheels, film and review, selection, inspection, mounting, dressing and truing rest-adjustment.


Where to get training in plant hire operation

Some plant hire specialists, like Mr Plant Hire, offer a convenient and cost-effective way of training your operators.

IPAF training london Based in Enfield, North London, Mr Plant Hire has its own fully accredited IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training and PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) training centre. Courses are run regularly with IPAF courses occurring on an almost daily basis with PASMA courses taking place weekly.


IPAF & PASMA Training Courses


At this point in time we run PASMA courses every week/ two weeks.

We were already a fully certified IPAF Training Centre and courses are becoming more and more frequent with us holding a minimum of two/three courses a week.


Powered Access – Additions to the fleet

Niftylift HR21 Hybrid machine

We have recently taken delivery of a Niftylift HR21 Hybrid machine which offers the lowest emissions on a diesel boom lift to date. Along with this it has the added safety feature of the awarding winning SIOPS anti-entrapment device fitted as standard. See more boom lifts.


New suppliers and new websites

This year we have changed our supplier of 1.5 ton mini excavators, and have gone with Volvo. We found this to be about the most robust machine for our requirement although we still are staying with Yanmar for our 3 & 5 ton machines. Find out more about our excavator range.


Mechanical & Electrical Division Continues to Grow

Our growing fleet of delivery vehicles is delivering daily into London, & the South East.

An investment of over 500k has been spent on the purchase of the new Boss Clima & AGR aluminium towers. These are available in three different base sizes & the platform heights range from 1.2m to 12.2m. This tower is a market leader & the feedback from our customers has been 100% positive. We also offer tower bumper’s & scaff tags as additional purchase items to help solve your health & safety issues.