Construction site drivers’ safe work practices checklist

To keep , Enfield-based London plant hire supplier, Mr Plant Hire has put together the following useful checklist of safe work practices for drivers of construction site vehicles, based on HSE advice.



  • Only operate vehicles if you are competent and authorised to drive them
  • Do not drive when your abilities are impaired by ill health, poor vision, prescribed or illegal drugs, or alcohol


  • Make sure you fully understand the operating procedures of the vehicles you control and all of the accessories you are using
  • Know the site emergency procedures
  • Understand the system of signals used on site

Permissions & Limitations

  • Visiting drivers: seek appropriate authority to enter the site and operate vehicles
  • Know the safe operating limitations of your vehicle, particularly relating to safe maximum loads and gradientsCarry out daily checks on your vehicles and report all defects immediately to supervisors
  • Follow site procedures and comply with all site rules
  • Do not drive at excessive speeds


    • Follow established site traffic routes
    • Ensure that windows and mirrors are kept clean and clear
    • Keep the vehicle tidy and free from items which may hinder the operation of vehicle controls
    • Do not allow passengers to ride on vehicles unless safe seating is provided

Parking & Reversing

  • Park vehicles on flat ground wherever possible, with the engine switched off, the handbrake and trailer brake applied, and where necessary use wheel chocks
  • Do not reverse without checking behind the vehicle for pedestrians, vehicles or obstructions
  • Where visibility from the driving position is restricted, use visibility aids or a signaller. Stop if you lose sight of the signaller or the visibility aid becomes defective

Loading and refuelling

  • Do not remain on vehicles during loading operations, unless the driver’s position is adequately protected
  • Ensure loads are safe to transport
  • Do not smoke during refuelling operations

Avoid the following whilst the vehicle is in operation

  • Do not attempt to get on or off moving vehicles
  • Do not make adjustments with the engine running and guards removed

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In response to today’s emphasis on and need to conform to health and safety, Mr Plant Hire now has its own dedicated Company Health & Safety Manager who deals with in-house health and safety and related training and is also available to advise customers at any time on these issues.

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