Battling Construction Site Theft with Improved Construction Site Security

mrplant hire site security bannerConstruction sites are not just bustling hubs of activity; they are also prime targets for theft. Unfortunately, since 2020, construction plant theft has been on the rise, causing significant financial losses for companies in the industry. As a result, it has become increasingly important for construction firms to prioritise site security and take proactive measures to protect their valuable equipment and tools.
In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the surge in construction site theft, discuss the Equipment Theft Prevention Bill currently being considered by the British Parliament, and highlight the importance of implementing effective site security measures. We will also showcase some of the site security solutions offered by Mr Plant Hire (MPH), a leading plant and tool hire firm based in North London.


Why is construction site theft so prevalent in the UK?

The increase in construction site theft can be attributed to several factors:
- Firstly, the pandemic created more opportunities for criminals due to many sites being unmanned or operating with reduced staff. With fewer eyes on construction sites, thieves found it easier to infiltrate and steal valuable equipment. 
- Additionally, supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic led to increased demand for construction plant and machinery, making stolen items more valuable on the black market. 
- The high cost of construction tools and equipment, combined with their good resale value, further incentivised theft.


Government intervention to help prevent equipment theft

Recognising the severity of the issue, the British Parliament is currently in the process of passing the Equipment Theft Prevention Bill. While primarily focused on agricultural plant and machinery, this bill also contemplates measures to protect the construction industry and other tradespeople. The bill would allow the secretary of state to make regulations requiring manufacturers of all-terrain vehicles to include forensic tracking systems, and would enable the government to implement other measures, such as establishing a database for resold equipment. 

What can construction companies do to reduce construction site theft?

It is crucial for construction companies, both large and small, to take their own proactive steps in enhancing site security. Implementing effective security measures can significantly reduce the risk of theft and protect valuable assets. At MPH we understand the impact of plant and tool theft and offers a comprehensive range of site security solutions by Armorgard, a leading provider of high-quality security equipment. The rage includes:

- The Armorgard Tuffbank Site Box. This heavy-duty storage unit provides a secure and robust storage solution for tools and equipment on construction sites. With features such as anti-jemmy system, recessed handles and concealed hinges, the Armorgard Site Box is designed to withstand attacks and deter thieves effectively.Joe Evans of Armorgard demonstrating products

- The Armorgard OXBOX OX3 and OX4. This innovative storage container features Armorgard's leading design locks, hinges, gas struts and paint finish.It boasts outstanding strength thanks to its unique ‘folded’ construction, making it an excellent choice for construction sites where valuable tools need to be stored safely.

- For a mobile security solution, the Armorgard Barrowbox offers flexibility and convenience. This portable storage box is specifically designed to be moved around a site, but can be transformed into a secure static unit by simply raising the wheels and locking the lid. 

- The Armorgard Mobile Tuffbench is another valuable addition to any construction site. Combining the functionality of a heavy-duty workbench with secure storage, this innovative solution provides a practical workspace while safeguarding tools and equipment from theft.

- Construction companies often face the challenge of storing and organising a wide range of small components. The Armorgard FittingStor is purpose-built for this task. With multiple compartments and a secure locking system, it offers a convenient and secure storage solution for smaller items.

- For the safe storage of flammable materials and chemicals, the Armorgard FlamBank is an excellent choice. This high-security cabinet is designed to store hazardous substances securely, protecting both workers and the environment.

- The Armorgard PipeStor is designed specifically for the secure storage and transportation of copper pipes and other lengthy materials. With its robust construction and innovative locking system, it provides peace of mind while keeping valuable materials safe and organised.


Armorgard products featured at show

This is just a selection of the site security range available from MPH. For further information on the Armorgard range and all of the available models and features, contact the team at Mr Plant Hire here.

MPH can help you combat construction site theft and improve safety

Construction site theft has been on the rise since 2020, posing significant challenges and financial losses for construction companies. In view of the potential losses to businesses of all sizes, it is crucial for construction firms to prioritise site security by implementing effective measures. Based in Enfield and providing plant and tool hire throughout North London and the surrounding areas, Mr Plant Hire (MPH) offers a comprehensive range of site security solutions by Armorgard, including site boxes, storage containers, workbenches, and more. For more information on any of these products, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Call us on 020 8351 3434.

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Image 2 - Armorgard’s Joe Evans (left) discusses the new features of the Tuffbank site box with MPH’s Business Development Director, Mick Burton

Image 3 - Armorgard site security products featured prominently at a recent trade show