A Safety Guide for dumper hire users

Many major incidents involving site dumpers are reported each year, with a significant number leading to serious injury and even death. This is why it’s vital that those considering dumper hire are aware of the risks involved and take every possible precaution to ensure that equipment is used safely.


Enfield based Mr Plant Hire – your first port of call for London dumper hire in London – has put together a summary of the main dos and don’ts when it comes to using site dumpers, based on Health & Safety Executive advice.


  • Ensure that experienced, trained drivers are used to operate them
  • Manoeuvre slowly and carefully on wet, uneven or sloping ground
  • Use stop blocks at the edges of excavations and spoil heaps
  • Provide purpose-built platforms for regularly transported items, for example large drums
  • Load the site dumper on flat ground with the brakes applied. Make sure loads are secured, evenly distributed and do not block vision
  • Ensure that the dumper is out of gear and the brake is applied before tipping loads


  • Use site dumpers on unsafe gradients as there is a risk of overturning
  • Carry passengers unless seats are provided
  • Operate any controls unless securely seated in the driving seat
  • Alight from the site dumper while it is being loaded or in transit
  • Drive the dumper with the skip in the vertical discharge position
  • Alter tyre pressures beyond the manufacturer’s specifications

Dumper hire from Mr Plant Hire

Whether you are considering site dumper hire, skip loader hire or excavator hire Mr Plant Hire is the natural and responsible London area supplier choice . Our equipment is top-of-the-range and regularly serviced to ensure that it is safe and in good working order. Our team will advise your operatives on how best to use our equipment for accident prevention and maximum efficiency.

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