Why hire a mini excavator from Mr Plant Hire?

A mini excavator (or mini digger) is a vehicle which offers options for digging or demolition depending on the attachment used. As the name suggests they are smaller than their standard counterparts but it is important to remember that, if you are considering mini digger hire, operators still need training in how to use the controls and manoeuvre the vehicle and attachments before they can use them.


5 good reasons for hiring a mini excavator:

Mini excavator hire Enfield experts, Mr Plant Hire have outlined here the sorts of jobs where these represent the perfect solution:

  1. Mini excavators are multi-purpose. They provide the ability to dig or demolish where the job is too large for hand tools. They are just as good for home or garden projects as smaller construction jobs across a huge variety of tasks from digging ditches or holes, to demolishing small structures, like sheds or for garden landscaping tasks like creating ponds, removing stumps or creating plant beds or ponds.
  2. They are brilliant when working in restricted spaces because of their size and because the cabs can usually rotate in a full circle.
  3. They make the job easy. Despite having a small foot print, mini excavators are very powerful and can manage tough tasks compared to their size.
  4. They are very versatile – different jobs may require different types of attachments so most mini excavators will come with various attachment specifications covering buckets, compact plates, rippers, augers and compaction wheels, to cater for all sorts of jobs.
  5. They can be used in different terrains – Mini diggers can come with either wheels or tracks. Wheels are best on a solid, smooth surface, like concrete or roads or over warehouse floors. Whereas, tracks are better in rough terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt tracks or rocky terrain. Mini excavator tracks will adapt to rough terrain or smoother, more fragile surfaces. Steel tracks are best for rougher terrain and rubber tracks will help limit damage to surfaces susceptible to damage.

Mr Plant Hire’s 1.5 ton mini excavators

At only .993m wide, Mr Plant Hire’s 1.5 ton mini excavators can go into most back gardens and work in tight spaces. They are supplied with rubber tracks to reduce damage to pavements etc.

They conform to the following specification

  1. Machine weight – 1540kg
  2. Digging depth 2.120m
  3. Dimensions L/W/H – 3.580m / .993m / 2.296m
  4. Travelling speed – 1.9km/ph
  5. Dumping height – 2.475m
  6. Maximum digging reach – 3.856m
  7. Bucket sizes – 12″ / 18″ / 24″ & 36″ ditching bucket

Various Hire Conditions apply. Click here to view

If you are looking for mini excavator hire in London, Mr Plant Hire is the natural and responsible supplier choice. Our equipment is top-of-the-range and regularly serviced to ensure that it is safe and in good working order and we offer highly competitive rates. Our team will advise your operatives on how best to use our equipment for accident prevention and maximum efficiency.

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