What Type of Boom Lift is Best for Your Project?

Niftylift boom liftBoom lifts have revolutionised the way industries tackle tasks at various heights. These versatile machines have become indispensable tools in a multitude of projects, ranging from construction to maintenance, offering enhanced safety, efficiency and accessibility. Based in North London, Mr Plant Hire (MPH) provides specialised boom lift hire for a diversity of industries. Find out more about the best options for your projects below. 


What is a boom lift?

The concept of boom lifts dates back to the mid-20th century, when the need for safe and efficient elevated work platforms became evident. The original designs consisted of simple telescoping platforms mounted on trucks. Over time, technological advancements led to the development of more sophisticated and versatile boom lifts. These machines are designed to provide workers with a stable platform at varying heights, enabling them to perform tasks that were once considered risky or impractical. 
One of the key advantages of boom lifts, when compared to traditional work platforms such as scaffolding, is that boom lifts are mobile. This allows operators to reposition the machine, adjusting vertical and horizontal reach, as well as outreach. This also means that machines can be used around a site, as well as being easily moved between different work sites.


Different Types of Boom Lifts Across Industries 

Boom lifts have found their place in a wide range of industries, each benefiting from their unique capabilities. A diversity of models have been designed with power sources including diesel, electric and hybrid. 

Diesel boom lifts are typically used for outdoor rough terrain applications. This is because:

- They are easier to refuel when there is no mains power supply
- They are powerful and robust

Electric boom lifts are usually better adapted to indoor use because they:

- Produce no carbon emissions
- Produce very little noise

That said, with the proliferation of Low Emission Zones and the increasing popularity of electric machines, more and more machines are being built that fulfil multiple purposes. Rough terrain boom lifts and hybrid boom lifts are an example of this, offering silent and clean battery operation for indoor jobs and Clean Air Zones, whilst delivering great results on rugged sites. 

Hybrid boom lifts provide the additional advantage of being able to charge their batteries from their diesel engines, making them a great investment for mixed remote sites.


Genie boomlift working on warehouse cladding1. Facilities Management and General Maintenance
Boom lift hire is an invaluable service for facilities managers and maintenance crews. Boom lifts allow for easy access to high ceilings, light fixtures and HVAC systems in large commercial buildings, schools and hospitals. The Niftylift HR15 Narrow and HR17 Narrow models are perfectly suited for these tasks due to their low emissions, low noise, compact design and precise manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

2. CCTV Installations
The installation of security cameras and surveillance equipment often requires technicians to position themselves at strategic vantage points. Boom lifts, like the Manitou 120 AETJ electric articulating boom lift, provide the necessary height and stability for these installations, ensuring optimal camera coverage and enhanced security and, as these machines provide emission-free operation, they can be used indoors and in Low Emission Zones.

3. Storm Damage Repairs 
After a storm or adverse weather conditions, properties can suffer damage that needs immediate attention. Boom lifts play a crucial role in reaching damaged areas quickly and efficiently. The Genie Z62/40's heavy-duty capabilities make it suitable for storm damage repairs, aiding in fixing roofs, windows and exterior structures.

4. Construction and Building Maintenance
Construction sites often involve tasks at varying heights, from steel erection to painting and cladding. Boom lifts are essential for these applications, allowing workers to access elevated areas safely. The Niftylift HR21 Diesel is a prime example, designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide extended reach for construction projects.


Boom Lift Hire: Choosing the right machine for your project

Selecting the appropriate boom lift for your project requires careful consideration of factors such as height requirements, outreach, weight capacity, and fuel type. MPH offers a range of boom lifts to cater to diverse needs:

- Niftylift HR15 Narrow: Ideal for indoor tasks that demand precise manoeuvrability and a narrow footprint.
- Niftylift HR17 Narrow: Offers extended reach while maintaining the ability to navigate tight spaces, suitable for maintenance and installations indoors and outdoors.
- Niftylift HR21 Diesel: Perfect for outdoor applications due to its impressive height and outreach capabilities.
- Genie 262/40: Suited for heavy-duty tasks in construction and maintenance, providing exceptional height and platform capacity for outdoor projects.
- Manitou 120 AETJ: This compact electric articulated boom lift is ideal for working inside office buildings, between production lines or in other places where space is restricted.

Boom lift hire provides a remarkably flexible option for working at height across a diversity of industries and settings. At MPH we provide different types of boom lifts, catering to projects of all types and sizes. Speak to Mr Plant Hire today for more information on our boom lift hire options. Call us on 020 8351 3434, we are always happy to be of assistance.