Hybrid Booms

Mr Plant Hire is a leading supplier of plant, tools and access solutions for businesses in North London, Enfield and surrounding areas. As such we are aware of the increasing demand for hybrid boom lifts as these are capable of offering versatility and fuel economy. For more information on our hybrid boom lifts, please get in touch or feel free to browse our range below: 

Our range of hybrid booms from leading manufacturers such as Niftylift, Genie and Dingli provide working heights ranging from 12.2 m  to 28 m. These machines are especially useful for mixed indoor and outdoor construction sites or for outdoor sites that require lower noise or particle emissions.

Hybrid articulating boom lifts provide an important set of advantages when compared to diesel-powered or electric machines. These machines offer users the benefits of both diesel and electric models, as they can operate diesel when in remote locations and use this function to charge their batteries, providing power for silent, low-emission running. Some of the key benefits offered by our range of hybrid booms include:

- Increased fuel efficiency: Hybrid boom lifts can run from electric battery power and can also use their diesel engines to charge their electric batteries, resulting in an important reduction in fuel consumption. 

- Lower emissions: These machines can switch between power sources, allowing them to run on battery power for work in emission-sensitive areas.

- Increased versatility: Hybrid booms are suited to a wide use of applications, as their diesel engines allow them to operate on remote sites where there is no available electric power source, whilst the electric engine allows them to operate in emission-sensitive areas and indoors.

- Reduced noise emissions: Hybrid boom lifts are quieter to run than diesel boom lifts, making them suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments. This means that they are also a good choice for work that has to be carried out at night.

If you are looking for hybrid boom hire in London or the surrounding areas, get in touch today. Based in Enfield, MPH provides leading powered access solutions to a diverse range of clients in North London, Barnet, Finchley, Watford and all surrounding areas. Contact us on 020 8351 3434. We look forward to hearing from you.