Hire or Buy? Nine reasons why it can be best to hire – not buy – plant

In case you are tempted to purchase plant, it is well worth reminding yourself of the reasons why it so often pays to hire it instead. Mr Plant Hire, leading supplier of construction equipment hire to the building, maintenance, mechanical and electrical industries around across London and the Home Counties, has put together this list of 9 good reasons to hire plant.


  1. Access the latest models  – plant (like all equipment today) is constantly being upgraded in technology and design and, by hiring, you can take advantage of the latest improvements in plant hire design.
  2. Comparisons – Hiring gives you a chance to compare different manufacturers and specifications of plant to see which performs best and is most suitable for your needs.
  3. Trials – If you are not sure quite what you need, hiring plant will give you the opportunity to try out different equipment, if  you are considering  an outright purchase at a later date.
  4. More for your money – if you hire plant, the chances are that you will be able to have the use of higher spec equipment than you could afford to buy outright, which should help you complete jobs more quickly and efficiently.
  5. Outsourcing saves time – by sourcing plant from plant hire specialists, like Mr Plant Hire, will save your staff time in managing the purchase and maintenance of purchased machinery.
  6. No storage headaches  – hiring plant cuts out the costs of housing and keeping  any purchased equipment secure.  Instead, hired plant will be delivered straight to where it’s needed.
  7. Cash flow – Over the shorter term, it generally costs less to take out plant on short term hire than to buy it, so hiring plant can have significant cash flow advantages particularly for smaller companies.
  8. Accounting benefits – especially for infrequent use,where hire charges will be more viable than accounting for purchase depreciation.  The hiring of equipment is 100% tax deductable.
  9. Competitive rates –  The UK plant hire business is so competitive ensuring that the process is quick and easy and that good rates are always available.

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