Monkey Towers – the environmentally friendly alternative to powered access hire

What are Monkey Towers?

Monkey Towers are manually operated scaffolding systems which provide an alternative to powered access machines.

Unlike a scaffold tower the entire erection procedure is carried out at ground-level and with single piece construction there are no parts to lose.


With no hydraulics or batteries the platform of the Monkey Tower Mini can be easily raised up by a single person in a matter of seconds. The secret to this is the weights that run within the uprights of the ladders and counter-balance the weight of the platform.

The environmental friendly access hire option

With many construction sites now seeking to reduce the amount of machinery they use, in order to meet environmental obligations, monkey towers offer a mechanical solution without reducing effectiveness or productivity.

The Monkey Tower has long been recognised as having an environmentally low impact because:

  • Its manually operating scaffolding system provides an alternative to powered access machines
  • It is easily and quickly erected and can be set up by one person in under five minutes
  • As a trailer-mounted product, it can be moved to site by cars and small vehicles, thereby minimising fuel consumption
  • 95% of its components are sourced in the UK
  • Because it doesn’t have batteries means related disposal issues and costs are also eliminated

How to hire a Monkey Tower from Mr Plant Hire

If you are based in the London area, and looking for a convenient and environmentally alternative to powered access at lower heights, Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire can supply you with a Mini Monkey Tower for hire.

Monkey Tower Mini latches at 0.25m intervals to a maximum working height of 3.9m (13ft).

The mini monkey tower is just one of the many pieces of specialist access equipment which can be hired from Mr Plant Hire who also offer a full range of [powered access hire], aerial work platforms and [scaffold tower hire across London.

The experienced Mr Plant Hire team are waiting to help and advise you on the best equipment hire for your job at highly competitive rates. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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