Mitigating Lifting Hazards in the Workplace...

... with Material Lifting and Handling Equipment


workmen examining a material hoistIn the construction and industrial sectors, material lifting and handling play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operations. However, manual handling of heavy loads can pose significant health risks to workers, including musculoskeletal disorders, strains and injuries. To mitigate these hazards and improve worker efficiency, Mr Plant Hire (MPH) in Enfield, North London, offers a range of specialised lifting and handling equipment designed to make material handling safer and more efficient. In this blog post, we will explore some of the key equipment provided by Mr Plant Hire and discuss how they can reduce lifting hazards in the workplace and enhance productivity.

Genie Material Lifts (SLA-10, SLA-15, SLA-20, SLA-25 and SLA10 c/w Straddle Base) 
Genie Material Lifts are versatile lifting devices designed for handling heavy loads. These lifts are equipped with a telescoping mast that can reach various heights, allowing workers to access materials in hard-to-reach areas. With their robust construction and ease of use, Genie Material Lifts enable workers to lift and position loads safely and efficiently.

Genie GL-12 Material Lift
The Genie GL-12 Material Lift is a compact and lightweight lifting solution that excels in tight spaces. Its manoeuvrability and portability make it an ideal choice for navigating narrow corridors and doorways. The GL-12 lift can handle loads up to 159 kg (350 lbs) and can be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly. It provides a safe and efficient means of lifting heavy objects to various heights.


Wienold SLK20 and SLK25 Counterbalanced Material Lift 
Wienold's SLK20 and SLK25 Counterbalanced Material Lifts offer excellent stability and load capacity. These lifts are designed to counterbalance heavy loads using a counterweight box and rear-mounted outriggers, making them easy to manoeuvre and position. With their sturdy construction and precise controls, workers can safely lift and transport materials, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Wienold MFC750K Floor Crane
The Wienold MFC750K Floor Crane is a robust lifting solution specifically designed for lifting and moving heavy objects in industrial settings. Equipped with a hydraulic lifting arm, this crane can lift loads up to 750 kg (1650 lbs) to a height of 3.05m. Its versatility and mobility enable workers to lift and position materials with ease.

Wienold GML800 Glass & Material Lift
The Wienold GML800 Glass & Material Lift is a specialised lifting device,  especially suited to the safe handling of glass panels and other fragile materials. This lift can be equipped with adjustable suction cups that securely grip the materials, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of breakage and injuries. 

Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter
Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifters are innovative devices that utilise vacuum technology to lift and move heavy objects. Our vacuum lifter is ideal for commercial glazing projects. The DSKE2 can be easily converted to a 6-in-line model, increasing capacity to an impressive 450kg. This lifter incorporates a short-eye hook for glazing under soffits or overhangs. This model includes a cabled remote control with two button suction release, for added safety. 

Genie Super Hoist (3.8m and 5.6m)
The Genie Super Hoist is a portable, telescoping pneumatic hoist.This versatile lifting system uses CO2 or compressed air to power its lifting mechanism, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its compact design and telescoping mast, the Super Hoist can lift heavy loads to heights of up to 3.8m or 5.6m. 

Armorguard duct rackArmorgard Ductrack
The Armorgard Ductrack is a specialised system designed to transport and store ductwork and other lengthy materials. By securely containing the materials and providing ease of transportation, the Ductrack eliminates the need for manual handling and reduces the risk of strains and injuries associated with awkward or heavy loads.

Alloy Gantry Beam (2T SWL)
The Alloy Gantry Beam is a lightweight and portable lifting solution suitable for a variety of applications. With its high load capacity and adjustable height, this gantry beam enables workers to safely lift and move heavy objects without the need for permanent overhead structures. 

10m Electric Bumpa Hoist
The 10m Electric Bumpa Hoist is a versatile lifting device used for the quick and efficient loading of building materials such as tiles, bricks and blocks onto scaffolds or roofs. With its electric-powered conveyor belt, the Bumpa Hoist eliminates the need for manual lifting and carrying, significantly reducing the risk of strains and back injuries.


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Material lifting and handling tasks can present significant health hazards to workers. To reduce these risks and improve efficiency, plant and tool hire firms like Mr Plant Hire offer a wide range of specialised equipment. 
As well as a comprehensive range of material lifting and handling solutions, MPH provides specialist tool and plant hire as well as powered access and manual access equipment.
We are proud to stock eco-friendly access options including low level access platforms such as the supremely versatile Monkey Tower Mini. This push-around lift reaches a working height of 3.9m (13ft) with no reliance on batteries or hydraulics, making it suitable for even the most hygiene and emission conscious environments.

For more information on our lifting and handling equipment or any other tools or machines in our range, get in touch with our friendly team on 020 8351 3434. We look forward to hearing from you.