How to plan a landscaping project

How to plan a landscaping project 

What tools are needed for landscaping projects?

As a reputable gardening equipment hire company, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of quality products to assist with their landscaping projects.

In our guide, we’ll talk you through how to plan a landscaping project and what landscape gardening equipment you might need to hire, in order to achieve the best results and transform your garden. 

What is garden landscaping and what equipment is required?

Landscaping is a really broad subject that relates to the entire terrain of an area of land. Contrary to popular belief, garden landscaping is not exclusive to larger areas and the concept can be successfully applied to a smaller space as well.


Landscape gardening typically involves making changes to an outdoor space, such as creating flower beds or building walls, decks or terraces. The main aim is to create a functional and appealing garden or outside space. 


Designs include ‘soft’ landscaping - living elements - such as lawns, trees, shrubs, planted pots and beds. Soft landscaping is combined with hardscaping - paths, patios, pergolas, decking, fences, water features, ponds and other structures.


The landscape gardening equipment you’ll require really depends on the nature and demands of the project. Finding a reputable gardening equipment hire company is key. If you require any advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team. 


How to plan a landscaping project

Designing your garden or outdoor space is a creative process but it also requires a significant amount of practical thinking. 

It can be difficult to know where to start, when landscaping a garden. One tip is to evaluate the use of space and then create certain zones, perhaps for planting or relaxation and entertainment. 

Another tip is to take inspiration or choose a theme, such a Mediterranean garden or a Zen sanctuary.

Both hard and soft landscaping need to be carefully planned so that they are as functional as they are attractive. Attention should be paid to budget, site, light and climate conditions, and lifestyle.


What tools are needed for landscaping  - a guide to our gardening equipment hire

Whatever your project, we are certain to have just the right landscape gardening equipment for you - here is some of what we have to offer: 


Made to cut long grass, weeds and light undergrowth, our brushcutter is ideal for strimming areas that are overgrown, reaching even the most inaccessible places.

Concrete Preparation Equipment 

Concrete is often required as part of the hardscaping process. Whether you require an area for a patio, or solid base for a shed or gazebo - our range of concreting and surfacing equipment covers all areas.


To quickly and easily prepare the ground for sowing and planting, we recommend our petrol-driven cultivator. The cultivator makes easy work of lifting and separating the soil so that it is aerated for optimal planting conditions.

Excavators and Dumpers

For more substantial remodelling of the land, we offer excavators and dumpers. If you need to recontour the shape of the land, or moving significant quantities earth and landscaping materials. All our excavators have the option of a qualified operator.

Flame Gun

Our propane-powered flame gun is an incredibly effective weed killer. The flame gun produces a searing 2,000 degree Fahrenheit to destroy weeds immediately.

Grinding and Cutting

We have an extensive range of masonry cutting equipment, including hydraulic slab cutters and manual block splitters - perfect for block paving.


Our water-filled rollers are easy to use and will give your lawn a professional finish.


Our petrol-driven scarifiers are ideal for large lawns, to aerate the ground, and remove dead grass, weeds and moss all at once.


Ideal for rubber tracked and tyred vehicles, our Trakmats cover the ground to allow access to construction sites. A great way to minimise damage to soft and sensitive ground when moving vehicles and heavy equipment around the site.


Our turfcutters are the most efficient way to lift large areas of turf. Perfect for preparing landscape gardening projects, the powerful cutter features a variable depth setting.


Should you DIY or get a professional?

Whether you do the project yourself or seek professional assistance is down to time, skill, budget, and complexity of what’s required:


  • Keen amateur DIY jobs: planting, installing simple water features, creating a gravel path or edging, laying turfs, installing decking, replacing garden fencing
  • Consider professional help for: walling, laying a stone patio, applying concrete render
  • Electrical work should be carried out by a qualified electrician


MR Plant: affordable, quality gardening equipment hire

At MR Plant, we pride ourselves on supplying an extensive range of landscape gardening equipment for hire. As a nationwide plant and tool hire company, we also provide:


  • Construction equipment
  • Small tools
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment 
  • Access and powered access solutions
  • Decorating equipment


In addition to our extensive range of products for hire, we also have a selection of used plant for sale. 

We are always happy to share our expert industry knowledge, so if you could do with some advice about landscaping gardening equipment hire, you can speak to a member of our trusted team for assistance.