How to choose the right heater hire

Working on construction sites in the cold creates its own problems for both keeping construction areas dry and for worker comfort. But the solution is just one phone call away for competitive heater hire.

Leading plant and construction equipment hire specialist for the London area, Mr Plant Hire, offers a wide choice of heater hire, depending on your specific need and site requirements from infrared, ceramic, electric box heaters – to cabinet heaters and blower gas heaters.


Which heater hire would be best for you?

      • Infra red heater hire

Infra-red heaters are for areas where people are working. Here, the heat is generated via ceramic elements, rather than by the infra-red source itself. Mr Plant Hire offers an infrared, ceramic, electric box 240V heater for hire which is specifically designed for use in offices, shops and other clean areas. One such heater is the Red Rad Office with special low glow reflectors make it a highly effective yet unobtrusive heater.

      • Portable fan heaters

Portable fan heaters are ideal for residential use, retail outlets and other occupied areas where safety is the key.

      • Electric box heaters

These portable heaters suitable for industrial use, in workshops, warehousing and marquees. They have a fan motor for continual operation and the advantage of being either floor standing or wall mounting.

      • Cabinet butane gas heaters

These have a bigger heat output than the catalytic heaters and the push button start means instant heat. When not in use, a slide hatchback can be pushed inside the heater reducing the floor area by 20%. Bigger heat output than the catalytic so are warm enough even for the coldest days!

      • Blower gas heaters

With power to heat large spaces quickly, these mobile direct fired, fan-assisted propane heaters are ideal for industrial and on-site uses.

Mr Plant Hire – your first port of call for London heater hire

Enfield-based, Mr Plant Hire, provides a comprehensive range of plant hire and light hire for Winter. Contact Us now for help on choosing the right heater hire for your site, or to get a fast quote for that, or any of the other plant available for hire.