Dos And Don’t’s For Gantry Lifting Equipment Hire

As part of their comprehensive lifting equipment hire, Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire offers the Sumner G2HT Gantry Lift to meet all your material lifting needs.

The GH2T Gantry Lift has a load capacity of 2 metric tons (2,000kg) or 4,400 lbs.

When hiring a G2HT Gantry Lift it is vital to follow proper procedures so Mr Plant Hire has put together a handy list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’:



  1. Always inspect all equipment prior to use to make certain it is in proper working order. Mr Plant Hire will always check equipment prior to hire but a doublecheck is recommended.
  2. Ensure you know the recommended capacity limits of the lift.
  3. Always wear proper safety clothing when operating the gantry lift, including hard hat, work gloves and safety shoes.
  4. Keep bystanders at a safe distance while operating it.
  5. It at all possible, move loads by moving the trolley on the gantry cross beam while the lift is stationary with all casters locked.
  6. When moving the gantry lift with a load be sure to follow these guidelines
    Secure the trolley in the centre of the cross beam to evenly distribute the weight across the unit.
    Lower the load a close to the ground as possible.
    Move the lift by pushing the gantry, not the load.
  7. Always adjust the A-frame heights prior to attaching a load and make certain the cross beam is level prior to attachment. The manual should be referred to whenever making adjustments.
  8. Always use a gantry lift of a hard, level smooth surface that is free of debris and obstructions.
  9. Be certain the surface of the gantry an support the full weight of the intended load.
  10. Always ensure the load is not secured to the ground before attempting to lift it.


  1. Never use the unit if any part of the equipment appears damaged or does not assemble properly. If in doubt, contact Mr Plant Hire for advice.
  2. Do not allow children to operate the unit and always keep them out of work areas.
  3. Never misuse the unit or attempt to operate the lift at more than the recommended capacity.
  4. Do not mess around or near the equipment.
  5. Do not allow people to ‘ride’ the unit. It is designed for material lifting purposes only and in not designed to function as a personnel lift or carrier.
  6. Never use the gantry lift to support ladders or other climbing devices.
  7. Never leave a load on the gantry lift unattended,
  8. Never stand under an elevated load.
  9. Never adjust the A-frame heights without first securing the trolley to the centre of the cross beam.
  10. Never move a fully assembled gantry lift using a fork lift or other lifting device.
  11. Never use the gantry lift as an electrical ground.
  12. Never operate the equipment during high winds or electrical storms

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