The benefits of rough terrain electric boom lift and electric scissor lift hire

One of our new Dingli JCPT1218 DC electric rough-terrain scissor lifts


The construction industry is a surprisingly fast-paced industry: susceptible to a great number of market factors and technological advancements. Recent times have brought about a dizzying amount of changes and innovations, with one of the most influential factors being the British Government’s move towards Net Zero by 2050.

Britain’s “Net Zero by 2050” is part of a greater global campaign aimed at mitigating the effects of carbon emissions generated by human activity. The intention is to curb the effects of this activity on global warming. Britain’s Net Zero campaign has seen the recent introduction of a number of measures, including:

The ban on rebated diesel, which effectively penalises companies for using this fuel by making it virtually unaffordable.
The proliferation of Clean Air Zones, in which the use of certain types of engines and machines is banned, on the basis of their particle emissions.

As well as these two factors there are a number of other influences which are affecting the demand for rough terrain electric scissor lifts and electric boom lifts, with an important factor being the desire harboured by companies to be seen as doing their part. With public opinion favouring environmentally-friendly options, it’s “go green or go broke.”



One of our new Dingli JCPT1218 DC electric rough-terrain scissor lifts      

Rough terrain electric boom lifts and rough-terrain electric scissor lifts: the new normal for outdoor projects

When we think of outdoor access platforms and rough-terrain MEWPS, we automatically think ”diesel machine”. Until recently rough terrain models and those for outdoor use have typically been diesel, as any machines operating on a remote site will inevitably need recharging, and in the case of diesel machines, fuel can be provided onsite using bowsers. This has led to a misperception that diesel machines are more rugged and durable than electric machines.

With companies now finding ways around the problem of providing an electric power source onsite, users are finally able to see for themselves the perks of using these environmentally-friendly access platforms on all types of sites. Advantages include:


  • They are cost-effective:  Even in times of elevated electricity costs, electric machines are still much cheaper to run than diesel engines. This is mainly because of the heavy taxation placed on diesel. Another factor that contributes to the energy efficiency of electric machines  is “idling”, that is to say that diesel engines keep turning and consuming fuel when the machine is idle: this doesn’t occur with electric machines. 
  • They pollute less:  Even if we factor in that sourcing the raw materials for electric batteries and producing them is in itself a polluting activity, the savings on emissions made throughout an electric machine’s  life far exceeds the emissions generated during the machine’s production. Because electric machines produce few to no carbon emissions, they can be used on sites inaccessible to diesel machines, such as in public buildings, food handling areas or Clean Air Zones. An added advantage? Rough terrain electric machines can be used on outdoor construction work, as well as on indoor work, making electric boom lift and electric scissor lift hire extremely attractive.
  • Less downtime: Electric MEWPs require less downtime than their diesel counterparts. Electric machines don’t rely as heavily on hydraulic systems, they therefore suffer fewer breakdown and are less likely to require repairs.
  • Reduced noise pollution: A huge selling point for electric MEWPS is the reduced noise pollution. Low noise emissions means that these machines are suitable for working in populated areas or for carrying out work in residential areas at night.
  • Smoother operation: Electric and hybrid MEWPs use electronic systems instead of hydraulic systems, providing smoother operation and making them easier and safer to use. The controls are more intuitive and responsive, which means that operators can work more efficiently and with greater precision.

Rough terrain electric and hybrid scissor lift and boom lift hire in London and the surrounding counties

Electric and hybrid MEWPs are rapidly becoming one of our industry’s most sought-after assets. As one of London and the South East's  most trusted providers of powered access machines,  MPH is responding to the increasing demand for electric and hybrid MEWPS with the addition of a number of brand new rough terrain electric scissor lifts and electric boom lifts, arriving between February and May 2023. These include:

The Niftylift HR12N: This electric version of the already popular Niftylift machine provides a great solution for indoor and outdoor projects. With a 12.1m working height, an outreach of 6.4m and a 200 kg SWL, this machine incorporates a number of impressive features, including Nifylift’s SIOPS impact protection system, which stops machine function if the machine detects that the operator has fallen onto the control panel.

The Dingli BA16HRT: Rough-terrain hybrid boom is perfect for mixed indoor-outdoor sites or for work on remote sites where an electric power source isn’t guaranteed. This machine provides a maximum working height of 16.07 m, an outreach of 8.74m and a safe working load of 250 kg.

The Dingli BA20HRT: Rough-terrain hybrid boom. With a working height of 20.09 , a maximum outreach of 11.26  and a 250 kg SWL, this hybrid machine provides a fantastic combination of quiet, low emission operation with the versatility of switching to diesel running when there is no electric power source.

The Dingli JCPT1218 DC is an electric rough-terrain scissor lift with a 14.3 m working height, a platform size of 2.88 m x 1.52 m and 40% gradeability, offering fantastic stability and performance on rugged construction sites.

The Dingli JCPT1418DC rough-terrain electric scissor Lift provides a 14.30 m working height and accommodates up to three operatives thanks to its 363 kg SWL. With 40% gradeability, this machine provides outstanding manoeuvrability and stability of difficult terrain.

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly powered access solutions for your next project? If so, speak to MPH about our range of rough terrain  electric and hybrid MEWPs. Our expert team can offer practical advice on our range of rough terrain electric scissor lifts and electric boom lifts. Call us on 020 8351 3434 option 2 and speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly team members today.