Electric Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Electric rough terrain scissor lifts are consolidating themselves as a strong contender to traditional diesel models. Although diesel scissor lifts have garnered a reputation for being sturdier and more durable than electric models, this is a misconception. Diesel models have long been used on outdoor and remote sites as antiquated electric models posed more of a challenge for charging. As machine batteries, duty cycles and charging facilities improve, electric rough terrain scissor lifts are seeing a surge in demand for projects across the UK. For more information on the available range, please get in touch or browse our selection below:

Electric rough-terrain scissor lifts provide a number of benefits, including:

- Operating cost: Electric rough terrain scissor lifts rely on electrically-charged batteries, which are far more cost-effective than diesel. These machines also require less maintenance than diesel machines, increasing their overall productivity. 

- Low or No Emissions: Electric scissor lifts produce few or no particle emissions, making them suitable for work indoors, in food handling areas and in Clean Air Zones. This means that a machine that is suited to work outdoors on rugged terrain can be used on other, emission-sensitive parts of a project. 

- Low Noise: Electric scissor lifts are much quieter than diesel models, suiting them to work in public spaces, low noise emission areas and for work at night. 

At MPH we are proud to be a leading provider of electric rough terrain scissor lift hire in London and surrounding areas. If you would like to find out more about our range of machines and whether they’re suitable for your project, get in touch with MPH today on 020 8351 3434. We look forward to hearing from you.