Royal Institute predicts shortage of surveyors will restrict construction growth

Key findings relevant to the construction equipment hire industry

  • More than four fifths (85%) of the 75,000 plus surveyors questioned said that a lack of qualified candidates meant they had problems recruiting.
  • Around two in five (43%) surveying firms currently turn down new business opportunities due to a dearth of skilled workers – each of them passing up an average of five contracts per year.
  • The problem looks set to peak in the next five years, with a further 11% of the industry saying anticipating turning down work by 2019. By that time, 54% of the surveying sector’s 10,000 businesses*** will be turning down some 27,000 projects between them each year.


RICS conclusions and comments:

“Surveyors play a pivotal role in the delivery of every construction project. Simply put, without surveyors, things don’t get built.

“That’s why our research is worrying: if so many firms are turning down work due to a lack of available talent, demand for skills will soon far outstrip the supply.

“Construction as an industry looks set to grow, but at this rate it’s very unlikely that we’ll have the capacity or the capability to fulfil planned projects.

RICS calls for more talent

The RICS is consquently calling for surveying companies to support its work in bringing through the next generation of surveying talent. Its ‘Surveying the Future’ campaign aims to attract a more diverse workforce for the benefit of the surveying profession.

Construction Equipment Hire industry

UK based construction equipment hire company, Mr Plant Hire, endorses the RICS call to address skill shortages.

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* Sum: 54% of 10,000 regulated surveying companies = 5,400. 5,400 companies turning down 5 contracts per year (on average) by 2019 = 27,000 contracts in total
** Research conducted among RICS’ 75,283 UK members in December 2014
*** RICS regulates 10,000 surveying companies in the UK