Navigator 6.0, Revolutionary 6m Scissor Lift Added To Fleet

MPH (Mr Plant Hire) are proud to be the first company in the country to offer hire of the revolutionary Navigator 6.0 carbon zero, push-around vertical lift, launched in February of this year by Metal and Modular at the annual Hire Executive show in Coventry. Metal and Modular are manufacturers of innovative metalworking and production solutions for a diversity of storage and transportation needs. The Navigator 6.0 has been introduced to offer a solution to a variety of issues encountered by users of push-around vertical lifts for low working heights.


The machine

Metal and Modular’s Navigator 6.0 is the first self powered, wind-rated, push-around scissor lift to reach a working height of 6m. Elevating and descending by way of a manually operated handle on the platform, the Navigator can easily be adjusted to reach the operator’s desired working height, inside or outside.
The Navigator 6.0 does not rely on hydraulics, batteries or any other power source. This means that the machine requires no fuel or charging and can be operated continuously, day and night. This manually-operated 6m scissor lift is noise-free and carbon emission free, making it a perfect choice for indoor work in noise sensitive and emission sensitive areas such as public buildings, airports, shopping centres, schools and hospitals.

What makes the Navigator 6.0 unique?

The Navigator 6.0 is a non-powered scissor lift with a 6m working height, making it the highest reaching, fully manual push-around lift on the market.
With no batteries or hydraulics, this machine’s extremely low 500kg weight makes it suitable for use on floors and surfaces with a low weight tolerance. The reduced 1.3m x 0.73m working footprint allows the machine to pass through standard doorways and to work comfortably between isles of shelving, warehouse racking, between production lines or in other locations with restricted room for manoeuvre.

This machine is already drawing great interest from certain sectors as it is wind-rated for maximum wind speeds of 12.5m/s and includes outriggers for stabilising the machine for use outdoors. This, alongside the rest of the machine’s features, suit it perfectly to glazing installations in high-rise buildings: a job that requires wind-rated, low-emission machinery as it combines the complexities of working indoors and outdoors.

The advantage of utilising a carbon-zero access platform for any indoor project cannot be overstated. As well as providing a great choice for maintenance work in locations that inevitably have a high volume of human traffic around the clock, such as stations and airports, this machine can be used on hygiene-sensitive sites such as clinics, hospitals and food handling areas.


Increased safety

The Navigator 6m scissor lift incorporates a number of safety features designed in response to feedback from users of machines with similar working heights. An anti-climb vertical guardrail was incorporated as users of access machines for low working heights commented that operators climbing over railings was too common an occurrence with this type of machine. 
The machine also includes tethering accessories for tools, anti-surf brakes, gravity sensing and locking gates, outriggers, a winch point and an optional brick guard.

Sustainable and Cost Effective

An important benefit of the Navigator 6.0 push-around scissor lift is the overall cost saving effect of running a machine that has no fuel consumption, very little maintenance and can be used without interruption on just about any site. The Navigator 6.0’s low weight also makes it cheaper to transport from site to site than other machines in its category. The Navigator 6.0 push-around vertical lift is sure to pave the way for more machines that incorporate the fantastic combination of features offered by this 6m scissor lift. At MPH we look forward to more developments from Metal and Modular in the future.


Hire from MPH
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