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Trainees operating green spider lift.MEWP courses with MPH

MPH Training are leading providers of plant and access equipment training in London. We offer key courses in Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) operation, as well as courses in low level access safety and mobile access platform operation.

We provide training from our conveniently located centres in North London at Morson Road, Enfield and Stacey Avenue in Edmonton, or at your own facilities. Read on to find out more about our IPAF and PASMA certifications, as well as the other courses we offer.


What is IPAF training?

IPAF, or the International Powered Access Federation, sets the global standard for MEWP training. IPAF courses cover a range of essential topics, ensuring participants are well-versed in the safe operation of aerial work platforms. From scissor lifts to boom lifts, our training prepares individuals for real-world challenges.


What does IPAF training cover?

IPAF training is specialised training for individuals who operate, supervise or manage the use of powered access equipment, such as scissor lifts and boom lifts. The goal of IPAF training is to ensure that individuals working with this equipment do so safely and effectively.


IPAF training covers a range of topics, including:

- Safe Operation: Proper operation of powered access equipment, including pre-use checks and understanding the machine's controls.

- Risk Assessment: Identifying potential hazards and assessing risks associated with using powered access equipment in different work environments.

- Machine Familiarisation: Understanding the specific features and limitations of various types of powered access equipment.

- Emergency Procedures: Knowledge of emergency evacuation procedures, rescue plans and what to do in case of equipment malfunction.

- Regulations and Standards: Familiarity with relevant safety regulations and standards governing the use of powered access equipment in the workplace.

- Theory and Practical Training: A combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on, practical training to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the equipment.

- Harness Use: If applicable, training on the use of safety harnesses and other personal protective equipment.

- Fall Protection: Understanding the importance of fall protection measures and how to implement them when working at height.

IPAF training is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers using powered access equipment and for compliance with regulatory requirements. It is often a requirement on many construction sites and industrial settings where such equipment is utilised. Keep in mind that the specific content and structure of IPAF training may vary depending on the type of equipment being covered.


What is PASMA training?

Two trainees sitting in MPH training room.PASMA (the Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers' Association) courses focus on the safe use of mobile access towers and low-level access equipment. These courses can be taken individually, or in a combined certification. 


What does PASMA training cover?

PASMA training is designed for individuals who work with mobile access towers, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to assemble, dismantle, inspect and use these structures safely and effectively. There are also courses for low-level access 


PASMA Access Tower Training covers a range of topics, including:

- Assembly and Dismantling Procedures: Proper techniques for assembling and dismantling mobile access towers, ensuring structural stability and safety.

- Stability and Tie Systems: Understanding the importance of stability and how to use tie systems to secure the tower in various working conditions.

- Safe Use of Towers: Guidelines for safely working on mobile access towers, including how to climb, move and use the tower in different scenarios.

- Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection procedures to identify potential issues or damage to the tower components and understanding the importance of proper maintenance.

- Hazards and Risk Assessment: Identifying potential hazards associated with working on mobile access towers and conducting risk assessments to ensure a safe working environment.

- Regulations and Standards: Familiarity with relevant regulations and standards governing the use of mobile access towers in the workplace.

- Fall Protection: Understanding the use of personal protective equipment, including the importance of guardrails and other fall protection measures.


The PASMA Low Level Access course is designed for those who work with low-level access equipment, such as podium steps and low-level work platforms. This course typically covers the following key points:


- Introduction to Low-level Access: Understanding the types of low-level access equipment and their uses.

- Legal Overview: Overview of relevant regulations and legislation related to working at height.

- Risk Assessment and Method Statements: Understanding the importance of risk assessments and method statements in ensuring safe work practices.

- Assembly and Dismantling Procedures: Hands-on training on how to correctly assemble and dismantle low-level access equipment.

- Stability and Safe Use: Understanding the factors that contribute to the stability of low-level access equipment and the safe use of such equipment.

- Inspection and Maintenance: Training on how to inspect and maintain low-level access equipment to ensure its continued safe use.

- Practical Exercises: Practical demonstrations and exercises to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained during the course.

At MPH we frequently run the PASMA Combined course, which covers the curriculum of both the Towers for Users and Low Level Access and Podiums courses. We can also hold these courses separately, if required.

PASMA training is essential for individuals working in construction, maintenance or any industry where mobile access towers are used. It helps ensure that workers can operate and work on these structures safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Like IPAF training, the specific content and structure of PASMA training may vary depending on the type of equipment being covered.

Other courses we offer, including the 'Qualsafe First Aid at Work' course

In addition to our core PASMA and IPAF courses, at MPH Training we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of construction-related courses. This includes training in the safe use of abrasive wheels, PAT testing for electrical appliances, forklift novice training and our upcoming course in 2024 - the Qualsafe Emergency First Aid at Work course. Secure your spot now before these courses reach their maximum capacity!


MPH training instructor Karolina by MPH training centre.Our new IPAF Instructor, Karolina

We are proud to count on a highly skilled and qualified team of instructors for our courses. IPAF and PASMA instructors must meet strict criteria and have a vocation for this type of work. These are factors that have led to a shortage of training professionals in recent times. 
With this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the training team: Karolina. Karolina recently completed a fast track, seven-week IPAF training instructor course. Her expertise enhances our commitment to excellence and represents a significant step in addressing the shortage of qualified training instructors in the construction industry.

Karolina is a highly skilled professional who is able to impart training in both English and Polish, broadening our services and promoting inclusivity in our courses.


MEWP training courses with greater flexibility

At MPH Training, we understand that the demands of the construction industry often don't align with traditional schedules. That's why we have expanded our offerings to include weekend training sessions at our dedicated IPAF and PASMA training centres. 
This means you can access our industry-leading MEWP training courses on your terms. We continually add new courses and schedules, so feel free to get in touch with MPH training on 0208 887 1405 if you can’t find the course or schedule you are looking for.


Why choose us for PASMA or IPAF training in London

MPH provides PASMA and IPAF training as well as numerous specialised courses aimed at construction industry workers and machine operators. Our well-equipped training centres provide:

- Free onsite parking
- Proximity to train stations
- Brand new training rooms
- Qualified and friendly instructors

Our new IPAF training centre at Morson Road is within walking distance of Ponders End train station. Stacey Avenue’s PASMA training centre is right by Meridian Water train station – both with major links to Tottenham Hale and London Liverpool Street.


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