Go-to machines for professional Christmas decoration

Street at night with white Christmas tree and candy caneThe holiday season brings an air of joy and festivity, and preparing commercial spaces to reflect this spirit requires meticulous planning and the right equipment. Indoor and outdoor spaces pose their own unique challenges when it comes to setting wintery scenes, and specialised machinery plays a pivotal role in creating magical environments.

Spider Lifts and Boom Lifts for indoor decoration

The interior ambiance of a commercial space during Christmas sets the stage for a memorable experience. We will typically see lights and decorations strung high above, hanging from ceilings, perhaps even intricate lights imitating falling snow. In order to achieve these effects safely and efficiently, specialised machines for working at height such as spider lifts and hybrid booms are required.


Spider Lifts: A popular choice for large-scale decorating
Spider lifts are agile and versatile machines, specifically engineered to manoeuvre in confined spaces while attaining impressive heights. In commercial settings, they offer decorators a secure and steady platform from which to adorn ceilings, walls and other elevated areas. Their typically low weight suits them to work on surfaces that may not be accessible to heavier machines.

Their popularity stems from their compact design. These machines effortlessly pass through narrow access points to work in otherwise unreachable areas. Their outriggers usually offer a variety of positioning possibilities, facilitating work in tight spaces, alongside walls or in other complex settings. These machines are available with a variety of power options. Bi-energy models are notable for providing an extremely practical solution for mixed indoor and outdoor projects. MPH’s spider lift fleet includes leading models such as:

Hinowa LL17.75 m spider lift


- Hinowa Lightlift 17.75 MK2: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor sites, the Hinowa Performance series 17.75m is a powerful boom lift with a working height of 17.06m and an outreach of 7.5m. This lift supports a safe working load of 230kg on a 0.8m by 1.2m platform, offering ample space for tools and equipment. 


- Hinowa Lightlift 26m Performance IIIs: The Hinowa Performance III is a versatile machine that proved the perfect choice for working flush against walls. With an impressive working height of 25.7m and a maximum horizontal outreach of 13.6m, this Hinowa spider lift has a 230kg lift capacity throughout its working range. With a stowed width of just 0.99m, this versatile spider lift is available with a diesel, petrol or lithium battery power source. 


Hybrid Booms: versatile machines for commercial Christmas decoration projects

Hybrid booms are high-reaching mobile elevated work platforms, making them particularly suitable for large commercial or office buildings. MPH stocks standard and narrow-width boom lifts with maximum working heights ranging from 15.5m to 28m, boasting safe working loads of up to 280kg. These features allow for the installation of lights, ornaments and decorations in high-ceiling areas or expansive atriums. Their adaptability makes them indispensable for creating captivating indoor displays.

These machines can operate on diesel outdoors while seamlessly switching to battery power in emission-sensitive areas. Additionally, there are rough-terrain models available, specifically designed to navigate rugged landscapes and challenging construction sites.

MPH’s fleet includes numerous models, such as:


Niftylift HR17 N boom lift- Niftylift HR17N 17.0m Narrow Hybrid Boom Lift: With a SWL of 230kg, a 17m working height and a 9.7m outreach, the Height Rider 17 Narrow (HR17N) offers exceptional performance in confined areas thanks to its 1.5m wide chassis. This machine has a  reduced turning circle and can be driven at height, making it ideally suited for operating within narrow spaces and industrial environments.


Dingli BA20 HRT

- Dingli BA20HRT Hybrid Boom Lift: The Dingli BA20HRT is a hybrid, rough-terrain boom lift designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With a 20m maximum working height and a maximum outreach of 11m, this hybrid boom lift offers low-emission operation suitable for indoor and environmentally sensitive areas.


Outdoor transformations: essential machines for creating winter landscapes

Outdoor spaces during the festive season hold immense potential for creating captivating landscapes. That said, the decorating process can be far more complex as it involves preparing the grounds and possibly dealing with vegetation, as well as installing and removing decorations. Specialised machinery plays a pivotal role throughout this transformative process.

Hybrid Booms

Hybrid booms are extremely versatile machines when it comes to professional Christmas lighting and decoration. Their extended reach and adaptability allow decorators to hang lights, ornaments and displays on trees, façades and rooftops with precision. 

Timberwolf wood chipperWood Chippers

While typically associated with post-holiday cleanup, wood chippers or tree shredders also play a vital role before Christmas. These machines aid in the preparation of decorations by processing branches, greenery and other organic materials efficiently. This step facilitates easier installation and arrangement of outdoor décor, ensuring a seamless process from setup to cleanup. Additionally, the wood chips from branches can be used for festive decorations or to add a protective layer of mulch to flower beds, ahead of colder winter conditions.

Post-Christmas, the cleanup involves handling organic decorations like trees and garlands. Shredders and chippers efficiently process these into manageable pieces, ensuring swift disposal and making the cleanup process more manageable. MPH stocks various models of wood chipper, including:

- Timberwolf TW230HB: This road-towable, 6” wood chipper is a supremely popular machine. The TW 230HB diesel-powered variant is the UK’s first diesel Stage V compliant wood chipper in its class to remain under 750kg in weight.

Camon lawn scarifierLawn Scarifiers

Lawn scarifiers are essential when it comes to restoring and rejuvenating outdoor spaces after the festive season. These machines remove thatch and debris from lawns, allowing proper aeration and promoting healthier grass growth. Restoring the lushness of the landscape ensures it remains inviting and attractive for visitors long after the holiday season concludes.  MPH offers scarifier hire with:

- Camon LS17 lawn scarifier: The petrol-powered lawn scarifier is specifically engineered to eliminate thatch and moss from lawns, ensuring its overall health. Equipped with resilient swinging blades, a floating front axle and an adjustable height that can be locked in place, this machine is both easily portable and straightforward to operate.

The essential role of machinery in crafting Christmas spaces

Crafting indoor and outdoor spaces for Christmas in commercial settings requires a blend of creativity and practicality. Specialised machines such as spider lifts, hybrid booms, wood chippers and lawn scarifiers, are the backbone of countless decorative transformations. MPH has over four decades of experience in providing specialist machine hire for residential and professional Christmas decorators. For more information on any of our machines, or to seek advice on the best equipment for your project, get in touch today on 020 8351 3434 (option 3).