Key Considerations of Excavator and Dumper Hire

Mr Plant Hire mini digger working on a construction siteEmbarking on a construction or landscaping project, no matter how small, requires a certain amount of planning. If your project involves digging, rubble removal or earth moving, you may need to consider whether excavator and dumper hire is the right fit for your project. Let's delve into the key considerations to help you make an informed choice.

Is excavator and dumper hire right for your project?

Hiring an excavator and dumper can maximise efficiency on a number of commercial and residential projects. A few examples of these include:

- Digging foundations for a conservatory or extension
- Digging a hole for a fish pond or pool
- Garden landscaping projects
- Resurfacing a driveway
- Roadworks
- Digging trenches for pipes or cables


To assess whether this option is right for your project, begin by considering the following points:

- Project scale: A mini excavator might be suitable for a garden landscaping project, while a large excavator may be necessary for extensive earthmoving on a construction site. Large excavators such as the 9T Volvo ECR88D are powerful machines that are suited to large clearing and digging projects, and adding attachments can extend the range of applications. 

- Site access: Width of access points is an extremely important factor to take into account, especially for construction projects in built-up areas or for landscaping projects in residential areas, where the only access to a back garden is through a standard-width garden gate. 

The Kubota K-008 08 T micro excavator is a great choice for such cases. This compact machine can easily navigate through a 700mm-wide opening (800mm with roll bar attached). While the machine's operating width is 860mm, a simple lever adjustment allows the hydraulics to retract the tracks, reducing the overall width. It can be provided with a selection of bucket sizes to suit different needs.

- Ground conditions: Consider the type of terrain your project encompasses, as different machines may perform better in certain conditions. Tracked excavators offer the greatest versatility for manoeuvring on different terrain types. 

For digging in rocky terrain, a machine with robust digging capabilities, such as a Volvo Excavator, could be advantageous. For softer ground, the agility and precision of an XCMG Excavator might be more suitable.

- Project specifics: Assess the tasks involved, such as excavation, material transportation and site preparation. Some machines may be better suited to certain tasks or may be compatible with attachments that facilitate different types of work.


Messersi tracked dumper product promotional shotDo I need a dumper?

A dumper is a specialised type of vehicle designed for transporting and dumping materials. Its primary function is to efficiently move bulk materials, such as soil, gravel, sand or debris, from one location to another within a construction site or other work environment. Dumpers are available with varying capacities, which should be compatible with the bucket capacity of your excavator.

The Messersi TC50D, with its tracked design, ensures stability on varied terrains. It is a wonderful option for navigating tight and difficult terrains and its high lift action allows it to deposit waste directly into a skip. The Thwaites Dumper is renowned for its robust build, and the Terex Dumper offers versatility in load capacity. Assess your project's scale and terrain to determine the most suitable dumper.


What are excavator attachments?

Excavator attachments can significantly expand the capabilities of these machines. Some excavator attachments such as breakers are commonly seen in use. These devices allow excavators to break through rock, asphalt and other hard materials, but there are many other extremely useful attachments available.

Consider attachments such as the mulcher (or flail mower) for vegetation management or the clam shell digging bucket for high-capacity projects, digging under bridges or moving logs. Understanding the functionality of these attachments can help you optimise your excavator's performance for specific tasks. For more information on excavator attachments, visit our helpful blog.


Benefits of excavator attachment hire

Opting for excavator attachment hire provides a cost-effective solution for accessing specialised equipment without the burden of ownership. It allows you to adapt your machinery to the evolving needs of your project, maximising efficiency and reducing downtime.


MPH XCMG excavator being transported on truckWhy choose MPH for excavator and dumper hire?

When it comes to excavator and dumper hire in North London and the surrounding areas, choosing the right provider is as crucial as selecting the equipment. Our commitment to reliability, a fleet of well-maintained machinery and a customer-centric approach make us the ideal choice for your project. For more information on our product range speak to MPH today and let our friendly advisors help you find the best machines and attachments for your project.


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