Top 10 tasks which cutting equipment makes easy

If you are based in the London area an looking to carry out any of the following tasks, then it’s worth considering taking out cutting equipment hire from Mr Plant Hire to make the process as safe and efficient as possible.


  1. For cutting metal such as conduit, cable tray and pipe both safely and without excessive noise, metal cutting stations can now be hired. Recently introduced legislation requires any cutting carried out on construction sites to use a dedicated cutting station. If you are looking for the best cutting station hire in the London area, the Armorgard cutting station from Mr Plant Hire is the answer.
  2. To make straight and curved cuts in corrugated and sheet metal – use Nibblers. Nibbler power hand tools can be hired from Mr Plant Hire which cut metal up to 1.6mm thick and give you a fast cutting action which produces distortion free cuts.
  3. To cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and plastic pipes up to 225mm diameter – The REMS Power Point Cutter achieves a chip free, dry cut with no inner or outer burrs.
  4. To plane wood to fit a size and/or to achieve a superior finish – hire a Power Plane with fully adjustable depth cutters.
  5. To cut metal sheets – try a Makita JS1601 Straight Shear Cutter supplied with a hex wrench and thickness gauge from Mr Plant Hire.
  6. For cutting joints, grooves and rebates or creating mouldings – use a power plunge router to produce quick, clean and accurate results.
  7. For concrete and brick cutting, cut-off saws with long-life filters will tackle most challenges.
  8. For continuous cutting through concrete and masonry pavements, roads or motorways, a comprehensive range of floor saws are available for all professional contractors.
  9. To cut mitre, bevels and compounds – try hiring a slide compound saw. These are very popular amongst shop renovators faced with a need to cut a whole range of materials. They can also be supplied with a fine TCT blade for metals such as aluminium.
  10. For the full range of wood cutting saw hire – whether you need to make straight, curved or bevelled cuts – Mr Plant Hire offers a comprehensive range of saws from Jigsaws and Reciprocating saws to circular saws.

What do you need to cut?

These are just a few examples from the comprehensive range of cutting tools and equipment available for hire in the London area from Mr Plant Hire to make your on-site cutting processes easy, efficient and safe. Whatever material you’re cutting, we will have a machine or tool to do the job. Contact Us now to find out more.