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Why use a water bowser in a heat wave?

We’re several weeks into a ‘heatwave’ right now. Instead of the typical lush green grasslands of the English countryside, gardens are turning into arid dry patches, and bushes are turning brown and losing their leaves.

You could of course argue that this is just a summer that’s unlike any others we’ve had in recent years.

Whatever you call it though, we’ve not seen any real rainfall for weeks. Reservoirs and rivers are getting low, and some areas of the country are facing a ban on hosepipes.

So, if your livelihood depends on water, water bowsers can enable you to get water where and when it’s needed.

7 ways our customers use our water bowsers

  • Supplying drinking water for human consumption where water supplies have been interrupted.
  • Providing a fresh water supply to livestock and animals.
  • Settling dust where the ground is being dug.
  • Watering fields to prevent crops from dying in this arid weather.
  • Road works?
  • Pressure washing patios, or cleaning off graffiti when there is no water supply.
  • Drain jetting.

The benefits of hiring water bowsers

Water bowsers are both big and bulky.

Most of the year ‘round, we’re lucky enough that in this country, we don’t have to worry about access to water. But when that access we take for granted comes under pressure, hiring a water bowser can be really useful. Not only do you not have to worry about year-round storage, but you also avoid any ongoing maintenance required to keep the water bowser in good condition.

If you are using a water bowser for drinking water, you need to ensure that the bowser you hire is appropriate for providing a water supply for human consumption. However, you should also ensure that any water is boiled, before consumption.

You can choose a water bowser size to meet your own requirements. We have 1110 litre water bowsers and 2000 litre water bowsers available for hire. These come on a fast tow chassis so you can easily move it to where it needs to be.

You can even hire high pressure washer bowsers too, for instances where water needs to be delivered under pressure.

At Mr Plant Hire, London, we have a wide range of water bowsers and diesel bowsers available to hire from our London branch. Our teams are on hand to advise you on the best unit for your requirements, so give us a call now on 0844 779 0211.

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