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Why spring sees an increase in LED Eco Lighting Tower Hire in London

Eco lighting towers come into their own at this time of year. It’s no wonder we often see an increase in demand for our LED Eco Lighting Tower Hire in London.

The evenings are getting a little longer and, after what feels like a very long winter, it’s time to get on with those outdoor jobs. The only trouble is, the light still isn’t quite good enough to work much beyond 5pm.

That’s where LED Eco Lighting tower hire can really help out. The lighting towers are a perfect solution to enable you to continue outdoor work, without substantial capital investment.

LED Eco Lighting Tower Hire in and around London and Enfield is particularly popular at this time of year. With an extensive illumination area of 4200m2, they make it possible to extend the working hours for outdoor projects. Their benefits aren’t limited to the practicalities of project teams being able to see what they are doing though. They also make projects safer for workmen and the general public, such as road users or pedestrians.

Keeping you lit, whatever the weather

With an inbuilt timer, you can set the LED Eco Lighting Tower to turn on automatically when it’s required, so you don’t need an attendant present to turn the lighting tower on and off.

The 8.5m mast rotates 340º, so you can position the 4 floodlights to your requirements without having to move the unit itself. The unit is light sensitive, so as daylight fades, the tower’s 4 x 300w high-efficiency LED lights automatically turn on, enabling work to continue without interruption.

The floodlight LED ECO Lighting Tower runs on diesel and has an impressive running time of 167 hours on just one tank. The system shuts off when diesel runs low and can be easily restarted by simply refueling.

The versatility of the Eco Lighting Tower rig makes it perfect for illuminating roadworks, construction and many other external projects that are helping to build and improve the infrastructure in London. The Lighting rig can even withstand extreme weather, such as the conditions we are experiencing this March, because the Tower is certified to withstand winds of 110km/hr.

If you want to be able to make the most of each working day or enhance the visibility and safety of an outdoor project, Mr Plant Hire has LED Eco Lighting Towers for hire in Enfield. Call now to arrange your LED ECO Lighting Tower Hire in London on 0844 779 0211.

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