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Why it’s worth improving your safety skills when operating plant and how you can do it

If you’re looking to complete a training course that will help you expand your skills in the construction industry, it’s worth considering exactly what you are hoping to get out of it. To help you decide, Enfield & North London based lifting equipment hire and powered access hire company, Mr Plant Hire have put together this handy checklist of factors to consider:

  1. Making your current role safer. Perhaps you’re already working in construction but you’re not convinced that you know everything there is to know about the equipment you’re using. Without specialist knowledge, you could be putting yourself at risk. If you’re working with scissor or boom lifts or push around vehicles, for example, you may wish to consider an IPAF training course so that you can feel confident that you are using these potentially dangerous items as safely as possible.
  2. Getting a qualification. Maybe you’ve been in the same role for years now and are looking to gain new skills or open up new opportunities. Getting a fresh qualification will bolster your CV, giving you the chance to apply for new jobs or to work your way up the ladder in your current place of employment. PASMA training is a popular option for those working at height, and an internationally recognised PASMA qualification would do wonders for your promotional or job prospects.
  3. Giving you greater confidence. While your skills on the ground might be second to none, you may feel a bit shaky when you’re called on to use them at height. The better you understand how the equipment you’re relying on works, and the safety protocols to follow, the more confident you will be when you find yourself working from heights. Both IPAF andPASMA training courses are designed to boost the confidence of all participants when handling powerful equipment and working at height.

PASMA and IPAF training at Mr Plant Hire

If you are interested in taking an IPAF or PASMA course, Mr Plant Hire can help. As a fully accredited PASMA training centre, we frequently run the PASMA Towers for Users and Low Level Access courses, either separately or combined. We also run a half-day PASMA Work at Height course. In addition, we run a variety of IPAF training courses for operators at all levels.

Contact Mr Plant Hire today to find out more about our courses and any group discounts that may apply, or to discuss your current scissor lift hireboom lift hire or powered access hire requirements.

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