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When to choose powered access solutions

The good old-fashioned ladder has a lot going for it, but there are times when powered access solutions make more sense all ‘round.

Whether it’s because they are safer, enable you to do the job faster, or reduce the number of operators needed on a task, powered access solutions definitely earn their stripes.

Especially when you consider that, by hiring powered access solutions, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, storage or initial outlay and repairs that tend to deter people from using a powered access solution.

Here are three occasions where it makes sense to choose powered access:

  • When it’s safer

There are all kinds of health and safety stipulations around powered access solutions, but if you need to be working at height for a long time, carrying out precise work or work that takes place over a large area, it makes sense to choose powered access. Depending what solution, you opt for, controls enable operators to reach more of the working area before having to reposition. This makes working at height safer as you are less prone to overreaching and risk becoming un-balanced.

  • When it’s faster

Sometimes, using a powered access solution is quite simply faster. Not going up and down ladders to collect different tools or repositioning a ladder to access different areas can save hours on a task, which, in turn, can save you and your client money.

  • Where the ground isn’t level

The HSE says that ladders should only be used when it is reasonably practicable to do so and when the ladder is level and stable. Where the ground is unstable, having the wider base that some powered access solutions can offer can make a big difference to the safety of your staff, and the ability to do a task well.

If you are working over particularly rough terrain, some powered access solutions have wider tyres and a lower centre of gravity, to enable them to cope.

With all these reasons to use a powered access solution, it’s easy to see why powered access hire is becoming more and more popular in London, as we discussed in our last blog ‘how powered access solutions are changing the face of the construction industry in London’.

If you are looking to hire powered access solutions, we have a wide range of powered access solutions at our London and Enfield branches. Our sales teams can help you find the right powered access solutions for your London construction project. Call us today on 020 8351 3434.

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