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Top 6 pieces of equipment to hire for garden landscaping

Spring is here and with it comes the urge to get out in the garden and create that space you’ve always dreamed of.

But a big landscaping project can be daunting.

However, with the right equipment it needn’t be.

Here are 6 pieces of equipment to hire that will make light work of your garden landscaping.

  1. Mini digger or excavator
    These are essential if you need to dig out the ground to level it or lay foundations. These days they also come with a variety of attachments you can hire that bring them into a league of their own when it comes to removing established tree roots or breaking up concrete.Mini diggers come in a variety of sizes too, so if you are restricted by the distance between gate posts, or proximity to buildings, we’ll be able to find a mini digger that suits you. Equally importantly, we have minimum hire periods of just one day.
  2. Block splitter or slab cutter
    When it comes to laying slabs or block paving, measurements don’t always work out exactly, so a block splitter or slab cutter can help you to get the right measurements and achieve that professional finish. Whether you need a 10 tonne hydraulic jack powered system, or something a little more… lightweight, you can hire block splitters or slab cutters from Mr Plant Hire in Enfield.
  3. Pressure washers
    With pressure washers from 1500psi upwards to 3,000 psi for hire, you’ll be able to find the perfect pressure washer for cleaning stonework, slabs or brickwork and getting them to look as good as new.
  4. Dumpers
    For shifting large quantities of soil, top soil or even rubble, a dumper will save you time and effort in bucket loads. Select a dumper the right size for your excavator load and transfer rubble and waste directly from the excavator to the skip.
  5. Flame gun
    Say goodbye to those weeds for good. A flame gun is a great way to burn weeds at their roots, torching them at an impressive 2000°, removing the likelihood of regrowth.
  6. Lawn roller
    Rolling a lawn roller over your newly laid turf helps to remove air pockets and ensures that the roots are in contact with the soil, so they can take.

If you’re sewing seed, using a lawn roller to compress seeds into the soil can help speed up germination. However, for those of us who are not landscape gardeners, purchasing and having the ongoing headache of storing it makes buying a roller impractical. That’s why lawn roller hire at Mr Plant Hire in Enfield makes sense.
With minimum hire periods from just one day, Mr Plant Hire makes it possible for you to access the right equipment and tools for the job, helping you to achieve a professional result more easily. To hire any of the garden and landscaping machinery or equipment in this article, please call 0844 779 0211.

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