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The Machine That Does It All – Telehandler Hire

Telehandlers are versatile, they act as a crane, a tractor and a forklift truck, all in one machine. Suitable for many purposes and capable of carrying a range of loads, Telehandlers for hire may be the ideal solution for you.

Mr Plant Hire offers a range of Telehandlers hire in London depending on your requirements.

Compact Telehandler Solution

If space is a premium, the Manitou MT625 compact Telehandler hire allows for efficient handling work such as loading and unloading. With a width and height of less than 2 metres this smaller Telehandler is easy to operate in confined spaces, such as busy building sites or underground areas. It’s 4-wheel drive and all wheel steering allows for turning and travelling in small or uneven areas. A simple switch to front wheel steering and a speed of 25kph gives the option to transport the Telehandler between locations on the road if necessary.

Designed for many purposes, Telehandlers for hire have several attachments such as buckets, hooks, forks, and sweepers and cleaners. The Easy Connect System (ECS) makes changing the attachments quick and easy. The MT625 has a maximum lift of 5.85 metres and a reach of 3.4 metres, and can accommodate a load of 2500kg – the average weight of an adult male giraffe!

Not only is this compact Telehandler able to carry out a multitude of jobs, the spacious cab has easily accessible controls, full visibility and an adjustable driver’s seat providing comfortable working conditions for greater efficiency and productivity. A Joystick Switch and Move, single lever system operates all movements of the Telehandler, safely and smoothly.

Taking It To The Maximum

If compact isn’t the way to go, Mr Plant Hire London have plenty of options including the Manitou MT1840 Telehandler for hire.

With a maximum lifting height of 17.55 metres, a reach of 13.08 metres and a weight capacity of 4000kg, or a white Rhino, this Telehandler means business. Despite its size, it has a generous ground clearance, 4 wheel drive and tight turning radius so manoeuvrability is not an issue. Like its compact friend, it has an adjustable seat and comfortable cab, particularly important for users who may be working in the Telehandler for a length of time.

Jcb Telehandlers

Our JCB Telehandlers for hire, available with a maximum lift range of 6m to 16.7m, are powered by an EcoMax engine which uses the latest technology and design to provide:

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Reduced noise
  • High torque and power output
  • Reliability
  • Minimal maintenance

Hire Today

All Telehandler hire London provides models that are fuel efficient and designed with energy performance in mind, and are fully tested to the latest regulations.

With competitive prices, quick delivery options and training and support available, Mr Plant Hire is your number one Telehandler hire solution. Contact us today on 020 8351 3434.

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