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The beauty of mini diggers and excavators

The true beauty of diggers has been unveiled in The Royal Society of British Artists’ Annual Open Exhibition.

This year the exhibition features cranes and diggers involved in the construction and the demolition of C19th landmarks in and around Birmingham and the Black Country.

It’s no great surprise to us that the beauty of diggers is finally getting its moment. However, for many of our customers the real beauty of diggers and excavators is in what they can offer. And these benefits are vast and varied.

Excavator hire in London makes heavy excavation light work and their size and convenience means that they are accessible to everyone.

Excavators and mini diggers are simple and easy to use

Anyone can get to grips with using an excavator quickly and easily, whether you are used to using a full size digger, or whether you’ve never used a digger before.

These days they have climate controlled cabins and LCD monitors that display battery levels, fuel levels, oil pressures and more, which make using an excavator easier and more enjoyable than ever.

Accessibility of excavators and mini diggers

Whilst full size diggers can be great for delivering unmatched excavation power, their size renders them useless for many smaller jobs. Mini digger hire in London and Enfield enables you to get into some pretty small spaces, meaning there aren’t many limitations on where they can be used. So, even if there’s a gatepost in the way, we’ve got the right digger for the job.

Lower noise levels

Diggers crossing cement or hard surfaces can be pretty noisy – not always good for neighbourly relations, or your own sensitive ears. Mini diggers produce less noise, making for a more pleasant working environment for you and less inconvenience for those around you.

Excavator Versatility

Most hire diggers come with a standard bucket for excavation, but some excavators and mini diggers now have the added versatility of attachments to help with specific excavation tasks, such as hydraulic breakers like our 9 ton excavator.

This extends the benefits of mini diggers substantially, making light work of removing trees, rocks or other objects.

Most excavators have a 360 degree dumping angle too that means they can remove excavated waste to exactly where you want it without lots of tricky manouvering of the entire digger.

If you are looking for an excavator, we have a selection of mini diggers for hire in London at our Enfield branch that will make light work of any excavation job. Give us a call now on 0844 779 0211 and speak to one of our advisors to find out more about our mini diggers and excavators for hire.

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