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Struggling to break through? Why not hire a breaker

Drilling or demolishing concrete can be a difficult task. It is important to consider the size of the job and what you actually need to achieve in order to choose the correct tools.

For breaking up roads, pavements or paths, Mr Plant Hire London have a wide range of breakers for hire. When working with concrete breakers in particular, vibrations can cause changes in muscles, bones and joints which can develop into serious conditions. The medium and heavy duty breakers for hire are specifically designed to minimise the impact of vibrations with Anti-vibration handles. The Anti-vibration allows for better productivity as the user can operate the equipment for longer periods of time.

Electric Breakers for hire

The Medium Duty Makita breaker for hire features a soft start, torque limiter and 2 lights, one to advise user of power to the motor and second a warning light if the machine requires attention. This breaker for hire is double insulated for increased user safety and has a slide lock-on switch to allow the operator a break from pulling the trigger. There is a drilling capacity of 35mm in concrete and it is the perfect tool for both drilling and breaking.

Also available is the Medium Duty Kango 900 breaker for hire. Similarly it has low vibration features and is a comfortable handling weight of 10kg. This breaker is suitable for many tasks such as cutting or breaking concrete and brick, removal of heavy deposits on floors and walls or digging out solid ground particularly clay or chalk.

Both these breakers for hire are 110v and require a transformer, also available from Mr Plant Hire London if required. These Electric breakers are simple to set up and use.

Pneumatic Breakers for hire

Air powered breakers are also available, capable of the same tasks as the electric breakers for hire, there are several advantages of using a Pneumatic tool. Air tools are lighter as they use compressed air supplied by an external air compressor which allows users to operate them for longer periods. They are also considered more environmentally friendly. Mr Plant Hire London can provide connecting hoses and diesel compressors for hire if needed.

Hydraulic Breakers for hire

As an alternative to the Electric and Pneumatic breakers for hire, there is a Hydraulic Breaker Pack available. Capable of breaking concrete, paths, patios, driveways and slabs, this breaker for hire is high performance and easy to use.

Hydraulic tools are generally the most powerful as they require fuel to power them and the fluid does not compress like air. Hydraulic breakers for hire are powered by a lightweight petrol pack which can be moved into any necessary position, and they are surprisingly quiet to operate.

Also available to hire is Mr Plant Hire’s hydraulic breaker and pecker attachments specifically for our range of excavators for hire in London, this includes excavators between 0.8 ton – 9 ton.

Whatever your breaking requirements, Mr Plant Hire London has a range of options to suit. Get in touch today for a quote.

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