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Staying safe when working with a self-propelled boom lift

A self-propelled boom lift can be a fabulous piece of machinery, delivering access to hard-to-reach areas, over and around obstacles. However, like all powered access platforms, without the right safety measures, self-propelled boom lifts can be dangerous.

Before any work at height is carried out, an assessment should be carried out to determine whether the work to be done really does need to be carried out at height, or whether there is an alternative way to carry out the work in question.

If there are no alternative ways to carry out the work, here are some ways that you and your operatives can stay safe whilst carrying out work using a self- propelled boom lift.

For a full list of all safety measures to be taken whilst using an elevated working platform, see the HSE’s information sheet ‘The Selection, Management and Use of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms’.

  1. Ensure you have the correct protective clothing.
    Operatives should wear a hard hat, high visibility clothing, appropriate cold/wet weather clothing; and a full body harness with a restraint lanyard or a fall arrest lanyard.
  2. Protect against falling from the boom lift.
    Whilst rare, it is possible that an operative could be thrown from the basket of a self-propelled boom lift. This could happen if the boom swings, jolts or tilts away from the machine’s centre of gravity, if the operator overreaches, or if the boom or basket is snagged on an obstacle.Ensure your operatives are safe by insisting they wear fall prevention equipment. The HSE recommends a work restraint system that comprises of a full body harness (BS EN 361) connected to a lanyard (BS EN 354) which is connected to an anchor point on the boom lift basket.
  3. Carry out a basic daily/pre-use function check to make sure the self-propelled boom lift is in good working order. Checks should be carried out by a fully trained operative and a record of these checks should be kept.
  4. Ensure that in addition to the standard training that should be delivered to anyone working at height, plant specific training should be carried out which should cover:
  • The manufacturer’s instructions and warning
  • Features of the self-propelled boom lift
  • The control functions particular to the self-propelled boom lift
  • The function of each safety device
  • And the emergency lowering procedures

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