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Small Solutions for Spring Cleaning

It is a common mis-conception that plant hire is limited to great big excavators and heavy machinery. Did you know you Mr Plant Hire has a range of small tools for hire suitable for most domestic or commercial projects.

Spring cleaning?

If your spring cleaning needs a boost, Mr Plant Hire London has carpet cleaners, pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for hire. The Numatic carpet cleaner for hire is ideal for cleaning domestic or commercial areas. It is easy to use and provides a highly professional clean. Carpets in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, such as offices or schools, can harbour dirt and germs. It is important to deep clean carpets at least once a year.

Domestic carpets also require a deep clean annually as they can get heavy with dust and dirt that standard vacuum cleaners don’t always remove. It is not only cost effective to consider carpet cleaner hire, it’s good for your health as some forms of dust mites can trigger asthma attacks and aggravate eczema!

Mr Plant Hire London offer competitive rates on weekly and daily carpet cleaner hire.

For something a little more powerful than the average domestic appliance, why not hire a vacuum cleaner. From light domestic tasks to heavy duty industrial and commercial work, Mr Plant Hire have a vacuum cleaner to hire that will do the job with ease. All industrial vacuum cleaners for hire are suitable for wet or dry use and if you need to clean a room with computers or other electric equipment, the HEPA vacuums to hire are fitted with special filters.

Under Pressure

Pressure washers can be used for many tasks. They are expensive to purchase so if you need to clean; driveways, patios, decking, home exteriors, fencing, cars and vehicles, boats or bikes, why not check out pressure washers for hire with Mr Plant Hire London.

The smallest pressure washer for hire gives an impressive 1500psi (pound per square inch) with a flow rate of 11.4 litres per minute. This electric pressure washer for hire is lightweight and portable. If mobility is key but you need a little more power there is a 2000psi petrol power washer for those tougher jobs.

For really tough cleaning, or cleaning and clearing drains, there is a 3000psi diesel high pressure washer for hire. It is trolley mounted for manoeuvrability and can cope with running for long periods of time if necessary.

Competitive weekly and daily hire rates are available on request.

So if you are deep cleaning your carpets or pressure washing your patio, contact Mr Plant Hire London today for a quote.

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