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Serious Survey Equipment for Hire

Before undertaking any type of major construction it is important to survey the area. Key things to consider will be the current conditions of the site, existing buildings, underground infrastructure such as pipes and cabling, confirming the exact locations of new structures and referencing anything to be aware of before embarking on a project.

Any construction project requires careful planning and understanding of cost, time and complexity. Reliable, accurate information is vital to avoid costly errors.

Mr Plant Hire London offer a range of construction survey equipment for hire.

Cable and Pipe Avoidance Tools

When excavating an area, buried cables or pipes can cause problems. Disturbing or damaging cables and pipes can have serious cost implications, and could potentially be a health and safety risk. Survey equipment hire of a Cable and Pipe Avoiding Tool (CAT) can assist in locating power cables and service pipes and tracing them quickly, accurately and safely so they can be avoided or removed.

Laser Level

Survey equipment most commonly used are Laser Levels. Used for basic surveying, construction site layouts, checking elevation of the land and plumbing installations, Laser Levels for hire are designed to speed up setting up a building site. They are incredibly reliable and highly accurate over long distances. Laser Levels are a very cost effective type of survey equipment to hire as they can be used for a multitude of jobs and are quick and easy to set up. Laser Levels can be costly to purchase so if you require one it is a much cheaper option to consider hire from Mr Plant Hire London.

Laser Level Hire is not just limited to external use, internally they are used for levelling floors, checking heights of doors and windows, measuring general distances and even aligning cabinets. Mr Plant Hire London has a multipurpose high-precision rotating internal laser level available for hire, ideal for a wide range of applications.


It is important to keep up with the latest technology in survey equipment for hire. Mr Plant Hire London have a Theodolite for hire that uses the latest electronic and optical technology to create accurate readings and measurements. The Theodolite for hire works by combining optical plummets, a spirit level and graduated circles to find vertical and horizontal angles. Theodolites are mainly used as survey equipment but can have a variety of other uses such as; navigation, aligning walls and laying out corners for building or plumbing.

Survey equipment hire is much more cost effective as the equipment can be very expensive to purchase. Mr Plant Hire London have a wide range of survey equipment to hire depending on your requirements. All equipment is fully compliant with current legislation, supplied with an annual calibration certificate and can be hired, subject to availability, at a moment’s notice.

For all your survey equipment hire needs get in touch with Mr Plant Hire London today.

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