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Secure Site Solutions from Mr Plant Hire

The Chartered Institute of Building issued a report a couple of years ago identifying the most common forms of crime in the construction industry. They identify theft and vandalism as a contribution to the UK Construction Industry suffering millions of pounds worth of losses every year. It isn’t just the crime that causes costs, it is the increased insurance premiums and project delays that are associated with it.

Theft Prevention

The theft of plant machinery is one of the biggest problems in the construction industry. Replacing equipment is expensive and delays projects. Protecting equipment and construction sites is vital. Mr Plant Hire London have site security solutions for hire to combat potential threats.

Valuable materials such as copper pipe, electrical cable and lead are best kept secure as they are most likely to be stolen. Mr Plant Hire London have a Secure Pipe Storage Cabinet for hire, offering robust and secure storage with a 5 lever deadlock. It is fully mobile to allow for movement around site, but has a heavy duty steel construction to keep materials safe. Pipe storage is costly to purchase, for short term use hire of construction site security solutions is much more cost effective.

Storage Containers delivered

Onsite storage can be limited so it may be necessary to hire a secure storage container. Available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft, Mr Plant Hire London have containers that are weather proof and fitted with security locks and anti-theft lock covers. If you have a large quantity of tools or materials to store, this site security solution for hire is perfect.

Smaller security options

Construction sites can be dangerous and keeping tools stored safely is important. Site Security boxes for hire keep tools safe from theft and unauthorised users. They are secure and portable and come in 3 sizes depending on requirements. Mr Plant Hire London also offer simple to erect and dismantle cages, designed to safely and securely store tools, equipment or hazardous items such as chemicals or gas cylinders. It is a legal requirement that gases are kept in secure, lockable, ventilated cage on a construction site. This complies with regulation and deters thieves.

Security Fencing

To really secure a construction site Mr Plant Hire London offer the ultimate site security solution. Barricade Fencing and Block and Mesh temporary fencing is simple to install and provides security, theft prevention and overall privacy. As a site security solution for hire, fencing is one of the most cost effective options. They are easy to move and transport and ideal for short or long term use. All secure fencing for hire is anti-climb to really deter intruders, making it one of the ultimate security measures to protect equipment and property.

Mr Plant Hire London is dedicated to offering site security solutions for hire to enable customers to keep their sites, their property and their livelihood secure. For more information or a quote on any of our products, please get in touch today.

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