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An Introduction to Scissor Lifts.

What are Scissor Lifts?

A Scissor Lift is a machine that allows workers to work at height vertically. It’s a widely used machine across all industries whether it be window cleaners using it to reach the top of a building or a painter and decorator getting to those hard to reach spaces. You name it a Scissor Lift can near enough benefit every job. You can get Diesel or Electric Scissor’s which both have their own benefits for example the Diesel Scissor has a larger platform working area, and is mainly used outside. While the Electric Scissor lift is used indoors, is less noisy, battery operated and complements narrow spaces.

Diesel Scissor Lift

Diesel Scissor’s

Diesel Scissor machines are preferred for outdoor usage due to the noise and fumes that these machines release. Ideal for use outside of a building, on a construction site and other well ventilated areas so that fumes and noise are not a concern or bother for other people that may be working in the area. We have a range of Diesel Scissor’s available for hire all year round that can be found here: we provide nationwide cover so if your job is not near us that’s not a problem we can still get to you. Diesel machines normally come with quite a large platform space which is extremely useful when it comes to working outdoors.

Electric Scissor Lift

Electric Scissor Lifts

If you’re comparing Diesel and Electric Scissor lifts then the difference is huge. While Diesel machines are best suited for outdoor work, the Electric Scissor is more beneficial for working in-doors. Electric Scissors are battery operated and therefore don’t emit any fumes and they’re not as noisy as their counterpart. Best suited for indoor work and indoor spaces these machines are not as big and bulky and they have a narrower platform space which allows them to fit through narrow passages. You can see our selection of Electric Scissor’s here: Our smallest Electric lift is the 12ft while our biggest is the 56ft.



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