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Safety at heights with Scaffold Tower Hire

Did you know that scaffolding towers date back to ancient Greece? There were even holes in the walls around early cave paintings that suggest some form of scaffolding tower system. Throughout history there are many references and images of wooden structures held together with ropes. Thankfully the construction industry has evolved and scaffolding systems now provide a safe working platform for a multitude of tasks.

Aluminium Scaffold Tower Systems

Mr Plant Hire have aluminium scaffold towers for hire, conveniently priced per rising metre, so you don’t pay for more than you need. These scaffolding towers start at 2 metres with a single span tower reaching 8 metres, and double span tower capable of a height of 12 metres.

Aluminium scaffolding towers are lightweight yet sturdy and easy to assemble. The aluminium doesn’t rust like steel alternatives making it a great choice for projects and situations open to the elements. This scaffolding tower is fitted with dual-locking wheels for simple manoeuvrability, and outriggers for additional stability particularly on uneven surfaces. The maximum load capacity on the aluminium scaffolding towers is 950kg, making them an ideal choice for working at height.

Navigating Stairwells

Scaffold Tower hire is advised when working at height, but essential when working at height over a stairwell. When carrying out work, or decorating a stairwell, space may be limited and access can be difficult. Mr Plant Hire have stairway scaffold towers for hire ranging from 1.5 metres to 6 metres. Like the aluminium scaffold towers these are easy to assemble and provide a safe working environment. Access is through a trap door hatch in the working platform which is a comfortable size of 1.8 metres by 0.7 metres allowing plenty of space to operate.

Safety first at all times

Safety is paramount when working at heights and all scaffold towers meet current Health and Safety standards and all towers are supplied with an instruction manual at time of hire, however Mr Plant Hire do recommend carrying out a full risk assessment before looking to hire a scaffolding tower system. It may also be necessary to have proper training before working at height, Mr Plant Hire London have a range of training courses available depending on requirements.

Using Scaffolding Towers

Key things to be aware of when using a scaffolding tower system are:

  • Where will the tower be positioned? Scaffolding towers should be kept away from pedestrian or vehicle routes and overhead power lines.
  • Always make sure the wheels are locked to prevent movement when in use, and never move the scaffolding tower when someone is on it.
  • Only access the platform via the integral ladders and do not stand on anything on the platform to gain extra height.

For all aspects of scaffold tower hire, from products to accessories and training courses, contact Mr Plant Hire today.

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