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Protect and Prevent with PASMA Training

The 2005 Working at Height Regulations applies to all instances of working at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. Anywhere that a person could be injured by falling from it is considered a height. This legislation applies to all employers, self-employed responsible for work at height. Even if you are not the person working at height you still need to be familiar with the regulations.

PASMA training certificates are a Health and Safety requirement on all construction sites. Any individual managing or operating equipment for working at height should complete a PASMA training course.

Mr Plant Hire London have a designated training centre for PASMA training, offering the standard training course focusing on mobile access towers, and the PASMA low level access training course for users working at heights less than 2.5 metres.

Towers for Users

The PASMA flagship course, now known as the Towers for Users PASMA training course, educates and certifies over 70,000 attendees a year. This course is specifically for anyone who is responsible for assembling, dismantling, moving, inspecting or using mobile access towers.

Mr Plant Hire London have large Boom lifts for hire, capable of reaching 28 metre heights. Or mobile access towers that can be used internally and moved from place to place. Whatever you are planning to use or hire, it is important to have the correct training to operate it.

This PASMA training course involves both theory and practical elements and requires an 80% pass mark to achieve certification. Attendees will cover legislation, best practices, risk assessments and prevention of accident or injury.

On successful completion of this one day course, attendees are awarded a PASMA photocard and certificate, valid for 5 years and considered the only acceptable proof of competence in working at height.

Low Level Access Training

Any construction site and any form of access tower or machinery can be potentially dangerous. For operating equipment with heights of less than 2.5 metres, Mr Plant Hire London offer the Low Level Access PASMA training course.

Like the previous training course, attendees cover how to assemble, dismantle, move and operate equipment without risk to themselves or others. It also requires an 80% pass mark in both theory and practical assessments and all successful attendees will receive the photocard and certificate.

The Low Level Access PASMA course, is a half day course that can be completed at our training centre in London, or all our courses are available nationally if required.

Combining the Two

For operatives or employers who could work at any height there is the option to combine the courses and achieve certification in the PASMA Combined Low Level Access & Towers for Users Course.

This one day course again has both theory and practical sessions and requires an 80% pass mark. Attendees will cover how to safely assemble, dismantle and relocate low level access units and standard mobile access towers without risk of personal injury.

A PASMA training certificate and photocard is issued upon successful completion and valid for 5 years.

To attend any PASMA training courses there are no formal qualifications or experience required, but it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of working at height. Attendees will need to be able to consult safety notices and read and understand manuals so literacy and language comprehensions are an important aspect of the course and safe use of equipment.

PASMA also advise that operatives of mobile access towers or heavy machinery should be physically fit and in good health with no eyesight or hearing issues. If attendees have medical concerns such as heart or blood pressure problems, epilepsy, vertigo or anything that may impact their ability to work safely, they are obliged to inform their employer and the course leader.

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