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Office fitting and refurbishment made easy with Desk surfer

Ideally, contractors would be able to work in completely clear rooms with nothing in the way; but, in reality, they have to be flexible and work around obstacles that may be in the way.

This is most often the case if you are called out to work in an office environment as the business concerned will be keen to avoid as little business disruption as possible. This undoubtedly means working around desks, chairs and other office equipment which need to stay in situ.

Why Desk Surfer hire is the solution

  • Designed to solve the problem of working over office desks and has numerous benefits:
  • Unlike traditional over desk access the desk surfer is quick and simple to use
  • A platform outreach of 900 mm means you can access light fittings and ceilings safely
  • You can work up to heights of 4.2metres
  • Because it is made from robust aluminium, it is light and easy to manoeuvre
  • It will go through a standard door and will fit into a small lift
  • Its adjustable legs mean it can be used on uneven floors
  • It can also be packed flat making it easy to transport and store when not in use

All the operator has to do is wind up the desk surfer to the required height and wheel it under the desk, with access to the deck provided by the built-in steps.

How to hire a Desk Surfer from Mr Plant Hire

If you are based in the London area, Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire can supply you with a Desk Surfer for hire.

A Desk surfer is just one of the many pieces of specialist access equipment which can be hired from  Mr Plant Hire who also offer a full range of powered access hire, aerial work platforms and scaffold tower hire across London.

The experienced Mr Plant Hire team are waiting to help and advise you on the best equipment hire for your job at highly competitive rates. Contact us now to find out how we can help.

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