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New spec metal cutting station now available from Mr Plant Hire

If you are looking for the best cutting station hire in the London area, the Armorgard cutting station can now be hired from Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire.

Recently introduced legislation requires any onsite construction to be carried out using a dedicated cutting station.  So, if you work in construction and are looking for a purpose-built workstation that can be used to cut metal such as conduit, cable tray and pipe both safely and without excessive noise.

Benefits of the Armorgard CuttingStation

The Armorgard is reportedly the best cutting workstation on the market because of all it’s features below:

  • Fire-rated sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution
  • PVC screens to protect workers from sparks
  • A rubber mat beneath the chop saw to provide excellent grip and to reduce hand-arm vibration (HAV)
  • The ability to position the cutting station at a safe working height, minimising the risk of accident or injury
  • Powder coating for maximum durability
  • Compact size and weight (1360x800x1820; 151kg)
  • A 110V power supply with internal sockets and a vapour-proof light
  • Extending support arms with a V section for round materials and a flat surface for other materials
  • Secured five-lever, serial-numbered deadlocks
  • A lockable cabinet beneath the workbench
  • Heavy-duty swivel wheels
  • An air filtration system (optional extra)

Cutting equipment hire for London

Armorgard Cutting Station hire from Mr Plant Hire is the perfect solution for a trial or a short term need for metal cutting.

The Armorgard Cutting station is just one of a range of cutting equipment for hire in Enfield from Mr Plant Hire. They also offer a full range of masonry cutting equipment including:  Clipper major saw benches, floor saws, Stihl petrol cut off saws, electric disc cutters & wall chasers. On the Manual cutting equipment is also available including a large range of woodworking saws from a jigsaw up to a professional flip over saw.  Whatever material you’re cutting, Mr Plant Hire has the equipment you need to get the job done efficiently.

Offering flexible terms at affordable prices, Mr Plant Hire has a proven track record of providing quality and reliable plant hire equipment for construction firms of all sizes. Contact Mr Plant Hire to discuss your particular needs and for the best rates.


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