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Mr Plant Hire Enlightens Your Lighting Hire Choices

Today you’ll usually find a wide range of lighting for hire to meet every conceivable illumination need – but which one is right for your job?

Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire runs you through the key advantages of each type of lighting hire available:

  1. For on-site inspection – hand held INSPECTION LAMPS are a good option and can be supplied in 240 or 110 volt.
  2. For shadow-free lighting for plastering, painting and decorating PLASTERERS LIGHT hire is your best option. Mr Plant Hire’s plasterer lights are 110 volt waterproof, are high impact and come complete with linking sockets/power take off.
  3. When you need to carry out essential maintenance work without a nearby power supply PORTABLE RECHARGEABLE WORK LIGHTS will supply powerful and broad illumination equivalent to a 300 watt bulb
    A battery charger is attached to the work light, which provides double sided lighting and can be used as a carry torch when the telescopic head is lowered. With both sides illuminated it will run for 6 hours but, if only one side is used, it will work for 12 hours before requiring a recharge.
  4. If you need 360 degree illumination, hiring DEFENDER LIGHTS is the answer. The defender light hire offered by Mr Plant Hire is the fluorescent light of the future and is setting a new industry standard. The 360 degree range of the 36w 110V fluorescent tubes is achieved either as a single unit, or by linking them together to form an effective light chain.
  5. For general, low-level on-site lighting, FESTOON LIGHTING HIRE is the traditional solution. Simply string them out along scaffolding, fencing or trees.
  6. If you need to illuminate awkward areas and tight spaces, Mr Plant Hire offers a powerful 500W Hand Held Floodlight powerful fully enclosed floodlights can be used either free standing or hand-held.
  7. To work on-site across wider areas consider Mr Plant Hire’s TRIPOD FLOODLIGHT 500 – 1000W. These are available as Single head, 500 watt or Twin Head 1000W 110volt options. 8)For lighting building sites, motorway works, car parks, events and anywhere that need a high saturation of light, Mr Plant Hire also offers fast tow TOWER LIGHTS FOR HIRE.
  8. For lighting building sites, motorway works, car parks, events and anywhere that need a high saturation of light, Mr Plant Hire also offers fast tow MOBILE TOWER LIGHTS FOR HIRE. A recent addition to their range, these are fitted with 4 x 300 watt high efficiency LED flood lights but, at the same time, present a really ECO friendly lighting tower hire option. These LED ECO lighting towers run up to 167 hours on one tank (100 litres) of fuel and can be programmed to be light sensitive, like a street lamp. When the natural light starts fading, the LED lighting towers will start up and when it starts to get light again, they will switch off.

Mr Plant Hire – your first port of call for plant hire in London and beyond

Enfield based Mr Plant Hire services customers across the London area in the construction and electrical industries supplying construction equipment hire, M&E hire and powered access hire, as well as heating, cooling and drying, and lighting hire equipment. Its comprehensive range includes large and small machinery down to power and hand tools.

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