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Mr Plant Hire are the first UK Hire company to offer the new Power Tower Duo

There are many situations where working at height is unavoidable. Mr Plant Hire London have a range of mobile powered access solutions to save time, whilst remaining safe.

Mr Plant Hire London are now pleased to be able to offer the state of the art Power Tower Duo for hire. The Power Tower Duo has only just been introduced to the UK at the beginning of this year, having had success being used in the Middle East since last year. Mr Plant Hire London are the first plant hire company in the UK to take delivery of the Power Tower Duo.

Mobile but Mighty

The Power Tower Duo for hire is only 0.78m wide, fitting easily through a standard doorway. The compact working footprint and overall weight of 348kg makes it easy to move, store and transport.

But, when fully extended the Power Tower Duo has a platform height of 3.1m and a working height of 5.1m. These specifications, added to the mobility of the Power Tower Duo make it a perfect choice for jobs such as painting, pipe work, dry lining, window fitting, electrical fitting and many more.

World’s First 2 Person Power Tower

The Power Tower Duo for hire has a working platform that can take weights up to 250kg. It is the world’s first mobile power tower that can safely hold 2 people. Having the capacity to hold 2 people allows for greater productivity and assistance with tricky working situations where an extra pair of hands are needed. 2 people can work simultaneously, and the Power Tower Duo platform even has room for tools and materials, or you can add a tool tray.

To cope with the ability to carry 2 people, the Power Tower Duo is fitted with a stabiliser system like no other. As the operators begin to elevate the Power Tower Duo, the stabilisers are deployed. The Power Tower Duo will not elevate unless the stabilisers are correctly positioned. Once at optimum height the stabilisers make sure the platform is secure and operatives can work safely.

The stability of the Power Tower Duo keeps 2 people secure indoors, and can comfortably support 1 man outside in conditions of up to 12.5m/s windspeed, the equivalent of a strong 30mph wind.

The steel superstructure is battery powered with a fail-safe hydraulic circuit and automatic locking wheels. Once in the secure basket of the Power Tower Duo, operatives simply push a button to elevate.

Powerful Productivity

The Power Tower Duo is an exciting new piece of access equipment that will save time and money for users.

All products available to hire from Mr Plant Hire London, comply with current Health and Safety Legislations. For hire terms and conditions or for more information on the Power Tower Duo for hire, get in touch with Mr Plant Hire today.

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