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Move it fast with a Swivel Dumper

If you need to move large quantities of rubble, earth or materials then consider Swivel Dumper Hire from Mr Plant Hire London.

3 Ton Swivel Dumper Truck

The 3 Ton Swivel Dumper truck for hire can hold 3000kg and easily move around building sites or construction areas. One lever easily controls the movement of the swivel dumper and the sturdy design and four wheel drive make operation simple.

The Swivel Dumper is supplied with road lights and can be driven legally on the road with the correct insurance. Mr Plant Hire London can arrange insurance for an additional cost if required.

Adjustable seating and easy to reach controls provides comfort for the user, in addition to large pedals and clearly illuminated warning lights for all critical functions. The 3 Ton Swivel Dumper for hire has hydrostatic transmission meaning no gear changes and power steering. This smooth process allows heavy loads to be transported quickly and efficiently.

The skip of the Swivel Dumper is operated by a hydraulic system, the Powerswivel powered rotation moves through 180° degrees, all operated by a single dual axis control lever. The skip has an automatic safety lock to hold it in a central, secure position whilst travelling.

6 Ton Swivel Dumper Truck

Bigger tasks can require a bigger machine. Mr Plant Hire London have a 6 Ton Swivel Dumper for hire. At 2.1m wide and almost 5m long, it can hold up to 5000kg in the skip. The fuel tank holds 70 litres of diesel and the exhaust system has a diesel oxidisation catalyst to confirm with emission regulations.

The 6 Ton Swivel Dumper has a four speed gear box and a maximum speed of 17mph. Like the smaller Swivel Dumper for hire, the skip is operated by hydraulics and mounted on a ball bearing turntable to rotate through 180°. The 6 Ton also has the automatic safety lock to hold the skip in place. The seating gives easy access to all controls and provides a comfortable base to operate from.

Swivel Dumper hire is perfect for use with larger excavator hire. The design of the Swivel Dumper offers increased productivity with less turning and reversing to deposit skip contents. This also minimises damage to the ground and allows access to places other dumpers may be restricted.

Swivel dumper hire London is available for next day delivery, (dependent on availability) and our experienced delivery drivers can instruct on use if required. All equipment for hire is tested and meets necessary safety conditions.

For more information on Swivel Dumpers for Hire and all plant hire needs, get in touch with Mr Plant Hire today.

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