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Mini Digger and Dumper Hire to make the job easier

Making any building project cost effective and straightforward is a priority. Where excavation is required it may be impossible to bring in large pieces of equipment and picking up a shovel and doing it yourself is a very unappealing option!

Mr Plant Hire have a range of Mini Diggers for hire, designed for use on smaller projects or in areas where space is tight. There are many advantages to considering mini digger hire:

  • They are simple to operate
  • Mini diggers are easily transported
  • Noise levels are considerably less than larger equipment
  • The compact design of allows for easy maneuverability through doorways, gates and other small access points.

What do you need it for?

Like any project it is important to assess what you need the machine to do and where do you need it to operate? Mr Plant Hire have options to suit most circumstances.

The 0.8 Ton Mini excavator is designed to be able to fit through a standard size doorway and can dig to depths of 1.64 metres. The machine has rubber tracks that are fitted with hydraulics to facilitate access to smaller areas and then reset to ensure a sturdy base for excavation. This mini excavator for hire comes with a range of bucket sizes and is fitted with an environmentally friendly, clean exhaust.

Mr Plant Hire also have a 1 Ton Mini digger for hire, with a digging depth of 1.8 metres. Using a smaller machine means less damage to working area, particularly important if you are carrying out work in public areas or areas with conservation or heritage restrictions.

It can be necessary to hire an excavator for landscaping or extension footings, the 1.5 Ton Mini excavator fits through most garden gates and can dig to depths of 2.1 metres. It’s diesel engine meets all environmental regulations and like all our micro digger hire London, comes with a range of attachments.

Special Offer

There is currently a special offer on all mini digger hire, click here for more information. All machines come with current test certificates and can be delivered to your location, or Mr Plant Hire offer a trailer hire facility if you think you will need to move the digger.

Loading and Dumping

If you are considering mini digger hire London, it is likely that whatever you are excavating will need to go somewhere! Mr Plant Hire have a selection of dumper hire to make skip loading and waste removal easier.

The 0.5 Ton Power Track Barrow dumper truck for hire is perfect for moving heavy items like bricks, hardcore, soil and general rubble into skips. Like the mini diggers, this dumper is designed to fit through small spaces. This mini dumper has a powerful diesel engine and hydraulic controls for simple, smooth operation.

For larger projects Mr Plant Hire have a 1 Ton skiploader for hire, still reasonably compact at 1.120m wide, this 4 wheel drive dumper for hire is perfect for rough ground and hard to access areas. We can deliver, or the machine can be collected.

If you need high quality, reliable mini diggers or dumper hire London at competitive prices, get in touch today on 020 8443 8806 or use our fast quote service.

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