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Lifting Equipment Hire Safety: BSI promotes safer use of construction hoists

British Standards Institution has revised its code of practice for the safe use of construction hoists according to The Construction Index.

The standard was developed to help the construction industry keep both construction workers and the public safe when installing and using hoists.

The document gives guidance on the installation, maintenance, examination and operation of construction hoists, including hoistway protection, and on the management of these activities. It includes recommendations and guidance on erection, alteration and dismantling of hoists.

BSI head of built environment Anthony Burd said: “We can never be complacent about the health and safety of workers using, or being in the vicinity of those using construction hoists. This also means we must ensure that standards still remain fit for purpose. As such BS 7212 underwent a thorough revision to bring it in line with current practices.”

Some of the safety concerns that BS 7212 addresses include:

  • transportation of scaffolding
  • additional requirements for transport platforms
  • requirements for dual operating positions of goods hoists
  • continued used of rope drive hoists
  • new requirements for the competence and training of hoist installers and operator
  • additional requirements for gate interlocking, and landing and hoistway protection.

Lifting equipment from Mr Plant Hire

Mr Plant Hire in Enfield’s lifting equipment hire range includes a choice of construction hoists for different needs:

  • Our range of electrically powered chain hoists take the hard work out of raising and lowering loads through significant vertical distances.  These run off single-phase, 110V 50Hz supply, have a safety clutch to prevent accidental overloading and can be fitted with chain drops to your requirements
  • Bumpa Hoists:  These present a safer and more efficient lifting equipment hire option when you are bumping out a roof.  It is an ingenious tile lift which has been specifically designed to get slates, tiles and blocks up to where they are needed quickly and with the minimum effort.  There are options for 8m & 10m lifts powered by 110v.  These hoists are easy to use with a top discharge landing for hassle free unloading, a reversible action for roof stripping and they can be folded in half for ease of transport.  Safety features include emergency stop buttons at the top and bottom.
  • Hoddi Elevator:  This elevator takes the hard work out of getting bricks, blocks, mortar and lintels up the three scaffold lifts in a 2-storey home. Positioned in seconds it saves hours in labour

First choice for lifting equipment hire in the London area

For a professional selection of trusted handling and lifting equipment for hire in London and the Home Counties, Mr Plant Hire offers competitive prices and efficient delivery.

We can supply various load capacity chain hoists, from half Ton to 3 Ton. For powered lifting equipment hire and handling hire, we have the BUMPA Hoist, engine cranes, genie super lifts, electric chains, and electric stair climbing sack barrow. Also available for hire are glass suckers, lever lifts, lifting slings, genie gas hoists, pallet trucks and trolley jacks.

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