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How to choose the best IPAF training centre

More than 100,000 operators receive IPAF training each year. With more than 600 training centres available worldwide, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding a venue. However, there are some key elements to take into account before you decide where to undertake your IPAF courses.

  1. First and foremost, make sure that the IPAF training centre you pick is fully accredited. You can check this on the centre’s website or on the IPAF website. There is no point paying for a course that doesn’t provide the industry standard level of training.
  2. Find a handy location (or find out if the training could be delivered on site). This is particularly important if you are trying to fit your course around your work hours.
  3. Make sure the IPAF courses offered are specifically the ones you need. Whether you are taking out scissor lift hire,  mobile boom lift hire or work with push around vehicles, mast climbers or safety harnesses, you should make sure that the centre offers the right sort of training for you.
  4. Make sure that you will be getting the level of training you need.  This  will depend on whether you are just learning the basics or need more advanced IPAF training. Find out whether different options are available for operatives, instructors, installers and demonstrators.
  5. Ask about the price. IPAF courses vary in price, so ask upfront how much the training you need will cost. If it sounds too cheap, the course may not be accredited. If it sounds too expensive, consider alternatives, but also remember how much value your IPAF training will add to you as a person, or to your company if you are a business owner.

IPAF courses at Mr Plant Hire

Mr Plant Hire is a fully accredited centre providing IPAF training in London and Home Counties. Their extensive range of IPAF Training courses include:

  • 1b – Static Boom Lifts – Usually either trailer or vehicle mounted
  • 3a – Mobile Scissor Lifts – Able to move under their own power when lowered AND when raised
  • 3b – Mobile Boom Lifts – Able to move under their own power when lowered AND when raised
  • PAV – Push Around Vehicles – MEWPS that need to be manually put into position before being raised

Contact us today to talk through the best IPAF courses for you and your colleagues.

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