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How the Armorgard BarroBox is making tool storage safer and easier

Tool theft is a serious issue for tradesmen. Keeping tools secure and away from the elements is an important consideration, especially for those who work in different areas of a site each day. Regular toolboxes can be heavy, often requiring several trips to move cases of tools from one area to another, taking invaluable time out of the working day.

The BarroBox, which is 770mm by 1045mm by 716mm, enables tradesmen to store and move all their tools safely and securely, in one go. On two chunky wheels and with ergonomic fold-away handles, the BarroBox can be easily maneuvered, even when full.

Made from a weatherproof heavy-duty steel plate, the BarroBox can be left outside or used inside. It boasts highly secure anti-jemmy features and a robust 5-lever padlock locking mechanism that is almost impossible to bypass.

The BarroBox can be moved around but can also be set securely on the ground.

Once in-situ the BarroBox wheels can be retracted using a crank mechanism, allowing the box to be lowered safely to the floor.

The ability to retract the wheels is dependent on access to the crank inside the BarroBox, ensuring that only the person with the key is able to position the wheels for use.

The BarroBox is forkliftable too, making it really easy to be used or stored anywhere.

Of course, if you don’t need mobile tool storage, you could always use the Formastor, which is a flat-packed, medium-duty secure storage unit. The unit integrates 5-lever deadlocks and a sturdy wooden floor and can be quickly assembled on-site.

If you need more help and advice, or would like to hire a BarroBox for your site, call our friendly and experienced team of advisors on 0208 278 7593.

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