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How hiring equipment can cut the gardening grind

Spring is on its way and it’s time to get the gardening back on track, but how do you get the maximum impact with the least effort? If you want to avoid the backbreaking work that is often associated with gardening, it may well be worth hiring landscaping and gardening machinery to lighten the load.

Below are some of the options you may wish to consider:

Mini excavators

Hiring a mini excavator will allow you to remove soil easily, enabling you to lay a patio or put in low hedge borders or herb beds to surround a seating area.


Dumpers can be used to move heavy loads such as bricks, blocks and other gardening waste into a builder’s skip.

Leaf blowers, vacuums and powered sweepers

These will help to clear wet leaves and dirt from pathways, driveways, gardens and parks.

Chipper shredders

Featuring heavy blades, chipper shredders can be used to turn branches into woodchips in moments.

Hedge trimmers and saws

Whether you are tending to a small garden or a large park, using a hedge trimmer can save you a great deal of time. Options include cordless and petrol hedge trimmers as well as chainsaws.

Turf cutters

Keep your lawn areas in excellent condition with a push-along or self-propelled lawnmower, a turf cutter or garden roller. A fertiliser spreader can also be used to improve the quality of your lawn.

Cutting and clearing tools

If you need to clear overgrown scrubland or vegetation, you may wish to hire a clearing saw, motorised scythe, brush cutter or stump grinder./p>

Rotavators and cultivators

If you are going for a serious overhaul, you can use a rotavator or tiller to till and prepare the soil covering gardens, allotments or parks.

Fencing tools

If you’re putting in fencing, you may wish to need to lease an earth auger, post borer or fence post driver.

Where to source this gardening equipment

At Mr Plant Hire, we provide a broad range of gardening machinery including mini excavators and dumpers. We can advise you on the most suitable tools and equipment for your gardening project so that you can get it done quickly and easily, minimising the hard graft. If you are interested in dumper or mini excavator hirecontact Mr Plant Hire today.

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