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How are powered access solutions changing the construction industry in London?

If you’re travelling around London, you’ll notice that powered access solutions, such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts, now litter the London skyline alongside cranes and scaffolding.

Whilst many powered access solutions are used for lower projects such as bridge repairs or overhead cable access, cherry pickers have undergone substantial evolution in recent years. These days they often come with features developed for very specific purposes.

Aerial platforms, operated by pistons and powered by diesel or petrol, have traditionally been limited by the reach of their telescopic sections. However, some lorry-mounted aerial platforms now boast a reach of over 100 metres – perfect for the construction industry in London.

Aerial platforms offer safer access and working conditions for construction workers, providing a platform with a protective cage and often sensors and alarms to cut off movement in the event of a worker being pushed over the controls. This has transformed working at height, making it much safer than it has been in the past.

Cherry pickers, also known as boom lifts have also come a long way since their first use, making it possible for the construction industry to largely say goodbye to cranes as the default method of choice for working at height on building construction sites in London. Originally, cherry pickers offered a safe platform for fruit pickers to go about their work in orchards.

The first scissor lift was patented in the USA in 1963 by Charles Larson. These original scissor lifts became the inspiration for the scissor lift styles of today, but without the wide range of design additions and extensions of use that today’s scissor lifts offer. With a number of European manufacturers, all competing for market share, it’s likely that scissor lifts will continue to evolve, offering a greater variety of uses and a higher level of safety.

We have a wide range of powered access solutions available for hire for London construction projects from our London and Enfield premises. Our sales teams can help you find the right powered access solutions for your London construction project. Call us today on 020 8887 1412.

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