MEET JAK HOWARD: of Mr Plant Hire’s Construction equipment Hire Division

We caught up with Jak to find out a bit more about what his role at Mr Plant Hire entails and why he enjoys working at Mr Plant Hire.



1. How long have you been working for Mr Plant Hire?

I have been working at Mr Plant Hire for 3 years on 10th March. I have pretty much been in the same role since I started, I used to do a little more work in the yard than I do now. However, after the first couple of months I found myself working more in the office on a permanent basis.

2. What does your typical week involve?

One or other of these tasks!

  • answering phones and taking orders
  • sending quotations to customers and following them up
  • serving walk in customers at our front counter
  • arranging cross hire for customers if we cannot fulfil with our own equipment
  • receipting in Invoices from suppliers
  • ordering stock and parts
  • checking all the test certificates are up to date on the machines
  • charging customers for any damages
  • arranging for our engineers to attend any on site breakdowns
  • checking all the deposits left by customers are up to date
  • keeping in touch with the area account managers to resolve any issues and ensure customers are happy

3. What are your favourite and least favourite aspects of the job?

My favourite part of the job is working within the team to win big orders from customers. It’s really satisfying when a customer decides to give us the order (especially if it’s a big one) It’s a great feeling! Conversely, my least favourite aspect would probably be losing an order to another supplier if we cannot compete with the costs (which, to be honest, doesn’t happen all that often, because are rates are always some of the most competitive).

4. What is your most popular plant hire today?

Our top three pieces of equipment are, across all size:

  • Telescopic Handlers
  • Excavator hire
  • Dumper hire

When I first started here telescopic handler hire was not the biggest of hires but that was before we started to run a fleet ourselves.

Also, in the last 6 months, we have seen a trend in digger hire – a slight drop in 1.5 tonne diggers, people seem to be going for 3 tonne diggers at the moment and its quite hard to explain why that is, we assume it’s because the economy is growing, sites are getting bigger and the demand to finish jobs quicker is a lot higher than it ever has been. So, we believe sites are going for the bigger machines to get the job done quicker, get paid fast and move on to their next project.

5. What keeps you on your toes most in this job?

When we get new construction equipment hire in, we have to learn their positives (or drawbacks) for different jobs. When new models come in, there is always something different, so you do have to be on the ball.

6. If you were a piece of plant hire, what would you be?

Great Question! If I was an item of machinery I would be a telescopic handler. They just do their job really well, which is what I always hope to do! We have a few of the on our telescopic handler hire fleet and I believe they are definitely the way forward in the plant hire business.

All about Mr Plant Hire

The long-established Mr Plant Hire plc was founded in 1981 and the Company has always been determined to ensure top quality plant, an excellent level of service and an unequivocal commitment to safety continuing as a top priority.

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